How to Use the Portable Document Format (PDF) Easily and Effectively

While the strengths of the PDF file format are now being increasingly appreciated by many, not many are actually trying to create PDF files or convert their documents into PDF formats. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that people are not aware of a cost-effective way of converting their information or documents into PDF formats. Our article outlines how one can use the PDF format easily and effectively.

All of us who use the Internet today would have had a chance to view or print a PDF file. You might have downloaded a product brochure from the manufacturer’s website and tried to see the details of the product you are interested in. You might have mailed your presentation to interested audience members as a PDF file instead of the entire PowerPoint presentation – the PDF file being a fraction of the size of the original presentation. In the legal profession, contracts are sent from one party to another with digital signatures being attached by the authorized person. You would have, thus, dealt with PDF files in one form or another.

It is fairly obvious that the PDF file format allows people to exchange almost any type of information and any type of electronic document (after converting into PDF file format first) with complete precision. This is regardless of the platform and software used to create it or the platform and software being used to view it. What is even more remarkable is that the creator of the document can password-protect the document allowing only authorized users who know the password to be able to edit, copy or print it. Large PDF files can be indexed so that specific information can be found within a matter of seconds – a feature that customers and clients truly appreciate. Also, bookmarks and hyperlinks make it easy to navigate through lengthy documents. Third-party tools bring further power to the PDF files allowing for easy backups and easy repair options for damaged or corrupt PDF files.

What has truly contributed to the popularity of PDF files is the fact that everyone can view PDF files using the free software, Adobe Acrobat Reader. Also, since Adobe has promised to support the PDF standard over the coming years as well, both the old as well as new versions of PDF files can be viewed without any problem. So far, the single deterrent that has prevented a large-scale adoption of the PDF standard for creating electronic documents has been the price of a full version of Adobe Acrobat, the application required to create PDF files. Adobe has now provided a solution to this problem as well by offering an online facility called ‘Create Adobe PDF Online’ using which one can easily convert their source documents into PDF.

One must mention though that the full versions of Adobe Acrobat offer more advanced features and there are lesser chances of corrupt PDF files. However, these advanced features are useful for professionals such as graphic designers or business professionals who require all the security features of the format as well. For casual users who do not need all the features and who cannot afford the full version, the online solution is a wonderful way of getting all the benefits of a PDF file at a reasonable price. Those who are concerned about possible damage or corruption to the PDF files over the Internet will find it more attractive to invest in a powerful repair tool such as DataNumen PDF Repair to ensure that the data in the PDF files can be recovered. Using sophisticated scanning technologies, DataNumen PDF Repair from DataNumen can quickly find and restore data from corrupt PDF files.

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