How to Use the MS Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

Those who’ve used MS Outlook for some time may have experienced some problems with the application. Such problems are not unique to MS Outlook, though. In most cases, users who have no background idea on how to handle such issues end up changing their mail client programs or carrying out fresh installation.


  • First try out the tools provided by MS Outlook for the inbox repair

It is however important to first try out the tools provided by MS Outlook for the inbox repair before other more comprehensive third party repair programs are used. This pst repair tool is called Scanpst.exe.

Scanpst.exe should be used in a number of instances, particular whenoutlookinbox-repair-windows-screenshot experiencing errors relating to loading of MS Outlook folders, crashing of the application when accessing folders, difficulty in receiving or sending of emails, just to mention a few. These problems would make it impossible for you to enjoy the use of MS Outlook.

When such errors are experienced, the user should locate the Scanpst.exe, which is an executable file. Locating the file becomes a challenge since it is based on the version of MS Outlook installed. Whether it’s MS Office 2013, 2010, 365 Home or 2007, the Scanpst.exe file is found in the Microsoft Office folder found within the partition where the Office Program is installed. Other MS Office versions such as 2003, 2002, 2000 or 97/98 have the Scanpst.exe file stored in Common Files folder.

The process of repairing the .pst files involves simply opening the Scanpst.exe. This procedure involves a number of steps. However, the conventional means of running Scanpst.exe doesn’t apply when using the Click To Run version of MS Office 2010.

Once you know the location of the .pst file that you would like to repair, you can easily start the scanning process. By starting up the process, you will be immediately prompted to identify the pst file to repair. If you still don’t know the location of the file, you can check the default location of the file based on the version of Windows you are running. In case you are still not able to locate the file, you can also check the error message that you get when you try opening MS Office as this normally shows the location of the pst file that triggers the error. This location can also be located through the Control Panel then Data Files.

After locating the file using the Scanpst.exe, you can hit the Start button. The platform will then take time carrying out analysis of the pst file. At the completion of the analysis, a report will be presented. You will have an option of reading more details about the errors by clicking Details button.

It is advisable that you create a backup of the pst file before you commence the pst repair process. With the backup done, you can then click the Repair button.


  • Use other third party programs to repair

If the repair fails, you can use other third party programs to repair the .pst files. One of the leading MS Outlook recovery software that has received overwhelming positive feedback is DataNumen. This program enables you to comprehensively repair your pst files with just a few clicks.


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