How to Split Your Large Files Easily and Efficiently

Some people often get frustrated when they try to send a file and they fail to succeed because the file is too large. What those people don’t know is that it is easy to split such a file into smaller-sized files, and this article sheds some light on file splitting.

How to Split Your Large Files Easily and Efficiently

When you have a large file which you have failed to upload to the internet or are unable to send as an attachment due to its size exceeding the permissible limit, you have two options to choose from to alter that file so that you can use it as you wish.

First, you can compress the file so that its total size reduces. This option isn’t available for all file types. For example, a txt file isn’t compressed so you can compress it in order to make it smaller. However, a compressed avi or jpg file cannot be compressed further, so another solution has to be found in order to make the file reduce in size.

The second solution that you can consider if you want to reduce the size of a file is to split it into several files that are individually smaller in size. There are several file-splitting tools which you can download and install for the purpose of splitting the large files you want to use, and we specifically recommend the DataNumen File Splitter.

DataNumen File Splitter

We recommend this tool for a number of reasons including:

Unbelievably Simple Interface

Not everyone is a technical geek in terms of their ability to use various computer software. For this reason, the DataNumen File Splitter was designed to have such a simple interface that anyone can effortlessly use it to split or combine files without having to refer to a user manual or seek guidance from a more experienced person.

Decades of Experience Behind the Product

The tech space is evolving at a supersonic speed, and new tools hit the market at a very high frequency. However, some of the teams behind those tools have little or no experience in the industry, and that means that the people who choose to use those products are taking a gamble that could, in some cases, come back and bite them. The team behind the DataNumen File Splitter has more than two decades of experience under their belt, and that extensive experience means that you get to use a product that will seamlessly serve your needs every time you need the service. Peace of mind and more is what you get in this case.

Multiple Functionality

With DataNumen File Splitter, you are able to split a large file into several smaller files, and you can also use the same software to join those split files into one. However, you get a lot more from this software beyond splitting or joining files. For example, the software can allow you to compare split files to confirm that none is identical to another, in addition to other unique features that aren’t easy to find in other software of this kind.

Other tools to split large files include GSplit, WinRAR, 7-Zip and FFSJ. The steps you need to follow in order to split a file are basically the same, such as downloading and installing the software, followed by selecting the file you wish to split and where you want the split files to be stored. You can then input other parameters, such as the maximum size of the smaller files as well as their names. In short, follow the prompts of the tool and you will be home and dry!

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