How to Solve OST File Error “Errors Could have been Detected in the File”

This article discusses important tips on how to resolve the error “Errors Could have been Detected in the File” which is associated with corrupt OST files.

How to Solve OST File Error “Errors Could have been Detected in the File”

If your internet connection is unstable, working online can be very frustrating. In such an environment, you may be forced to work offline for long hours. For those who process tons of emails daily, using Microsoft Exchange Server gives the flexibility of working offline. The system creates an OST file that allows you to create emails without an internet connection. When the computer is connected to the internet, the OST files are synchronized with the mailbox data on the Exchange Server.

In case the OST file gets corrupted, it will be impossible to synchronize the mailbox data in your computer and that’s on the server. If the issue is not resolved, you can lose important information thus forcing you to recreate it. Such incidents can lead to loss of time and energy.

Why does this error happen?

There are many reasons that can lead to the corruption of your OST file, such as the abrupt shutdown of the email software when working on it. This could be as a result of power failure, malfunctioning of the computer, or the intentional shutdown by the user. The offline mailbox data could also be damaged by malware, thus making it unusable. Moreover, when OST files approach the set limit size, there is a chance of becoming unstable. If you do not resolve the matter in good time, the file could become corrupted.

How to resolve the error

Before you start recovering your mailbox data in your corrupt OST file, it is wise to create a backup of the original file. Your backup file comes in handy in case your OST recovery attempts fail and consequently damage the OST beyond repair. The backup file gives you the opportunity to try a different approach to recover your data.

In order to increase the chances of recovering most of your mailbox data, it’s advisable to use a specialized repair and recovery tool for Exchange Server files. The advantage of using such an application is that it’s specifically designed to recover OST files. One of the best applications available in the market today is DataNumen Exchange Recovery. The company has optimized this tool to recover the most complex OST corruption. When compared with other solutions in its class, this software comes top with an average success rate of 96.78%.

To use this software, purchase a user license and install it on your computer. Close MS Outlook to prevent it from interrupting the recovery process. Launch the DataNumen Exchange Recovery application and navigate to the ‘Recovery’ tab. Select the corrupt file as the input data and specify the output parameters. Make sure the out file is in a PST format. Now start the recovery process and wait as the program repairs your file. 

DataNumen Exchange Recovery

Once your data is recovered, change the name of the OST folder, or delete it and create a new one. Transfer the recovered data to the new OST folder. If all goes well, you should be able to synchronize your Exchange Server mailbox data with the information contained in the OST folder.

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