How to securely back-up Outlook to avoid data loss?

Keeping a back up of important digital data is a wise idea and especially in the case where you deal with software like Outlook which handles your emails, contacts, drafts and calendar dates you need to be extra cautious. Today most people dealing with business use email client like Outlook and such email clients are vulnerable to various errors which can render the files corrupt which eventually lead to both data and monetary loss. To prevent such things from happening effective back up plan is required.

The power of email has immense effect on the life of people today as it has changed the way we communicate and exchange data with each other. As the world transformed to the digital age the communication has become much easier and also sophisticated. However, along with the benefits these technological progresses bought, a few challenges also emerged along with it and so the need to safeguard digital information.

Today email clients like Outlook is being used by many individuals and companies to communicate with client, customers and other businesses on a daily basis. It is used as an alternative to web clients because of the flexibility it provides like composing email without internet connection and mass storage of data in the computer hard drive. Through email client like Outlook one can also manage multiple email account from a single place which makes it more attractive. However, this useful tool can sometimes get corrupted due to hardware or software failures which can render loss of data. A sudden and unexpected loss of data can be disastrous for any individual or business and due to this reason a regular back up of data is required to prevent the damage.

Outlook recovery is a tricky process and once the email client goes haywire recovering data from the PST files becomes very difficult. It is therefore necessary to maintain a proper back up of the PST file. It is best to store information from Outlook in an external drive like USB drive or to a CD. The road to Outlook recovery and back up process involves a few simple steps which you can try yourself. The first step for an effective Outlook PST file backup is to create a new back up folder either on the external drive or any other location in your computer hard drive. The location of Outlook .pst files are buried in the users profile in the C drive by default. However, keep in mind that the information can be stored in more than one folder largely depending on the user if he/she has created it.

The next step for effective back up is to look for the .pst which you can find under File>Data Management or the Tools>Account Settings tabs. Here you will find all the files containing the .pst extension which you need to copy to your external drive or another alternate location in your computer. Make sure your selection includes files with ‘Outlook.pst’ or ‘Archive.pst’ extension. For effective back up remember to select all files with the .pst extension and transfer it to the desired location or external drive.

It is better to keep a back up of your important files than go for effective Outlook recovery process which will consume more time and money. There are also a few add-ons which are effective in creating a regular PST backup automatically and at regular interval. Proper Outlook back up plan is a part of risk management and it is advisable to regularly update your back up to avoid loss of data in the future. However, if you are looking for more effective and automated tools like DataNumen Outlook Repair can help you in your objective.

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