How to repair a damaged PDF file?

A PDF document has become the default file format for exchanging or providing information among people and is also the most widely used. The format, which was first created by Adobe Systems, has become a source for distributing media rich information complete with interactive templates, photos and other form of media. Some times a PDF file becomes corrupted owing to some unforeseen error when the file gets created. Let us see the steps that allow us to repair and view damaged PDF files.

The PDF file format has been around for a long time and has emerged as the universal file format for creating reports and storing sensitive information in an organisation. PDF files are also used by e-publishers to create ebooks or reports that can be accessed by all using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The application is available on almost every file format, allowing universal access to PDF files. The best thing about using PDF file format is that the information inside the document is displayed in the same manner in which it was originally created, therefore, PDF files are being used all over. One of more advantage that comes with the file format is that publishers can make the document as attractive and media rich as possible. That is the reason why a majority of eBooks and e-reports are available in this format. However, constant use of the file can damage it, making the document inaccessible. This can pose bit of a problem for organisations that count on PDF files to store important information like employee and customer data on PDF files. For PDF repair, users can look into a number of recovery software available online. One such software is DataNumen PDF Repair. The software not only helps in repairing the damaged PDF files but can also assist the users in a number of other related functions. The software can be used to scan the damaged file and tends to quickly begin the repairing process as soon as possible. Most of the time, the complete damaged file is repaired but sometimes it may be only be able to recover some data. Anyway, something is better than nothing. DataNumen PDF Repair comes with an intuitive user interface and power functionality that repair damaged PDF files in a jiffy. PDF repair is something which needs to be handed over to professionals, and DataNumen PDF Repair does the job well. In order to start repairing PDF file, first you need to download the software from the Data Numen website and install the program on your computer system. The software is light so it will not burden the computer nor compromise any other file. Then click on the ‘Start’ menu and select ‘All Programs’. A list of the all the programs installed on your computer system will appear. You then need to locate ‘Advance PDF Repair’ and click on it to run the program. Make sure that the Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF application is not running before you start the repair process. When the program starts running, you would be required to click on ‘…’ which is right next to the ‘Select PDF file to be repaired’ in order to select the damaged file for PDF repair. Then, locate and select from the file browser window that opens next and click on the ‘Open’ option. After selecting the damaged PDF file for repair, you can change the format of the repaired file if you are satisfied with the default one, by clicking on the ‘Output Fixed File As’ option. Finally, click on the ‘Start Repair’ and wait patiently for DataNumen PDF Repair to do its work.

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