How to Recover Your DBF Database Using the DataNumen DBF Repair Tool

Find out why the DataNumen DBF Repair Tool is a brilliant choice for all your DBF database recovery needs and learn the basic steps for recovering your files using this tool.

For you to salvage your DBF database files successfully, you’ll require proven data recovery tools. One of the popular tools for recovering corrupt DBF database files is the DataNumen DBF Repair software. Here is a quick guide on how to use this tool.

How to Recover Your DBF Database Using the DataNumen DBF Repair Tool

Why Should You Choose DataNumen DBF Repair Tool?

DataNumen has designed the DBF Repair software to support the repair and recovery of data from all DBF databases. It doesn’t matter whether you are working with dBASE III, IV, or FoxBase, this tool is perfectly suited for the job. It also supports all versions of Windows operating systems ranging from Windows 95 to Windows Server 2019. This flexibility allows you to access any DBF database running on Windows and makes DataNumen DBF Repair tool great computer forensic software.

In case you encounter oversized DBF files, this application gives you the flexibility to split such records into manageable sizes. This also applies to tables with more fields than desired. If you have many corrupt files, the software has a batch repair function that allows you to work on multiple documents at a go. This increases your efficiency and enables you to meet tight deadlines to the delight of your clients.

The user interface of this recovery tool is intuitive. The tabs are properly labeled to allow you effortless navigation through the file restoration process. This application integrates seamlessly with Windows Explorer so you don’t lose key functions such as right-clicking. Other features that come in handy when using the DataNumen DBF Repair software include the find & select and the drag & drop functions. These allow you to access the target files on your computer with ease.

How to Use the DataNumen DBF Repair Tool

To use the DataNumen DBF Repair software, you first download it from the company website and install it on your computer. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for your user license as it’s available as soon as you complete your order.

Once you launch the program, the default interface will prompt you to identify the file you intend to repair by browsing your computer. You can indicate the format of the target file to help you locate it with ease. Before you start the process, select the new location of the output file, and input its name.  Click the ‘Start Repair’ button to start recovery. The progress bar shows what percentage of the document has been fixed. Once it hits 100%, it means that the document is now fixed.

If you are working with multiple files, click the ‘Batch Repair’ button to reveal the right interface. The ‘Add Files’ button enables you to browse your computer for the target files. You may use the drag-and-drop feature of the software to select the files you want to repair.

In case you are not sure where the target files are located, use the ‘Search Files’ option. This way, you can search your files by name. Through the ‘Advanced Option’, you may narrow your search to file features such as attributes, size, and time of creation. You could also remove files from the repair list using the ‘Remove Files’ button.

Once satisfied with the list of files you want to repair, select the ‘Start Repair’ button to begin the process. It’s also crucial to set your repair options correctly. To change the settings click the ‘Options’ button. Then, select the desirable file repair settings.

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