How to Recover Password in Encrypted Outlook PST File

This article discusses two simplest methods for recovering password in Microsoft Outlook PST files and gives the step-by-step processes involved in each.

Microsoft’s Outlook is one of the popular email client software with millions of users around the world. Just as is with other email software, users may forget their email passwords because of varying reasons. If this happens and you have no way to recover your password, you may end up losing important business communication. Such a scenario can be costly, as you may end up losing business. This article examines two approaches you can use to recover your Outlook password and access your PST files.

DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery

1. Remove PST File Password Encryption Using Microsoft Tools

Let’s say you don’t remember the password you set on your PST files. Then the easiest procedure for removing the encryption is by using Microsoft’s pst19ipg and scanpst utilities. In this case, you should download the pst19ipg.exe and run the scanpst.exe program on the target PST file. Just remember to use the backup option on the program. Alternatively, consider creating a copy of your file and use it for the recovery process.

Once the scanpst program is ready, start the cmd prompt by selecting ‘Start’ followed by ‘Run’ options. Execute the pst19ipg.exe – xtarget_file_name.pst and the pst19ipg.exe – i target_file_name.pst commands on the cmd in succession. This will remove the password encryption from your PST file. Now you may use the scanpst.exe program to repair the recovered PST file. Your file is now ready and you can access it through Outlook.

2. Use the Free DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery

If the above method fails, consider using the DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery software. This software is designed to give you easy access to encrypted PST. It features a user-friendly interface that allows you to search the target file from your computer. You can also process multiple files at once, thanks to its batch processing capability.

You don’t have to worry about its compatibility with various versions of MS Outlook and Windows operating systems. This is because this tool works seamlessly with these systems.

To recover your password using the DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery tool, download it from the company website, install, and launch it on your computer. Please note that this is a free tool for individual users, and enterprise clients require licenses to uses it.

Once the application is running, choose your preferred option: whether to recover the password for a single PST file or a batch of files. Select the file(s) you want to work on and click the ‘Start Recovery’ button. If you are using the ‘Batch Recovery’ option, you can use the drag-and-drop feature to add target files with ease. The ‘Add Files’ and ‘Remove Files’ tabs on this recovery mode come in handy when determining which files you are going to work on.

The progress bar shows you how much of the password recovery process is complete. Once the bar is 100%, you will get a pop-up message with a password that you may use to open your file. Although this password might differ from your original one, it will work. Click the ‘Copy Password’ tab to get the password on your clipboard.

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