How to recover MDF database files

When database files become lost or corrupted, this can create quite a problem for those relying on these unique and typically large types of files. This most commonly happens when one improperly shuts down a computer, loses an internet connection as a file is uploaded or worked with, improper database updates, or because of viruses. With so many large files in a database, recovering this data can get difficult.

Master Database Files can be recovered and repaired, however. One of the easiest ways to recover and repair these files is through SQL recovery. DataNumen SQL Recovery is a powerful software that scans for MDF files and corresponding NDF files—a secondary file type for SQL data that are associated with MDF files. This mdf database repair tool can recover as much data as possible, leaving you with the least amount of lost files and a sigh of relief.

First, the administrator of the database must start SQL recovery. You will want make sure there are not any programs open that may affect MDF files. Using an easy drag and drop, browse, or input function, you can select files that you wish to recover. Your files will be saved in a new file with “fixed” in the title. Simply press ‘start repair’ and watch as a progress bar shows the software at work scanning and repairing the file. This new fixed file can be opened with MDF utilities such as WinMDF.

So, besides the ease and efficiency, why should database administrators choose DataNumen software for MDF repair?

· DataNumen SQL Recovery software is compatible with SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012

· Dissimilar System Restore allows you to restore data from one computer to another

· Besides XML files, recover any type of file

· For those that prefer to type commands rather than using a graphic user interface, DataNumen SQL Recovery supports command line parameters

· Drag and drop support makes recovering batches of MDF files a breeze

· You can use Explorer’s context menu for file repair with integrated Windows Shell

· Files from floppy disks, Zip disks, CDROMS and other medias that can become corrupted can be repaired and recovered with DataNumen S QL Recovery.

· Recover files that have been deleted

· Recover table structure as well as data, and sparse columns

· Associated NDF files can also be recovered

· If you have trouble recovering your file, just call DataNumen technical support

· Guaranteed best SQL recovery tool

Before letting lost SQL server database files get you down, let DataNumen help with this powerful SQL recovery software.

Alan Chen is President and Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including outlook repair, sql recovery, word recovery and excel software products. For more information visit

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