How to Recover Deleted Word Documents

When word files are deleted, it’s possible to recover them using data recovery software. If you didn’t delete them intentionally, such software can be the optimal choice for you. Read on and learn more.

Imagine working on an important Microsoft word document then you accidentally delete it. Unfortunately, you can’t seem to locate it in the recycle bin. Such a scenario occurs when you press shift and delete concurrently. Other prompts, such as using the command prompt to delete a file, or an empty recycle bin, also cause a permanent deletion. By this time you are already in panic mode because you’ve permanently deleted your file. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, worry not, because you can recover your files at no extra cost. Here’s a detailed explanation.

DataNumen Word Repair

Can You Recover Word Documents For Free?

There are some easy do-it-yourself steps you can follow to recover your permanently deleted word file.

Auto-Recover Tool

Word automatically backs up files as you use them, and this tool can help you recover your file. Follow these simple steps: Open Ms. Word, check the left side of the screen for auto-saved files that are recoverable. If this information is unavailable, use the AutoRecover file option to select a recent file. Select the ‘Recover Unsaved Documents’ then scroll through searching for the document. Restore it when you find it.

Download Word Recovery Software

Recovery software is by far the best data recovery method, and it doesn’t cost you a dime. Such software is also available as free downloads and will sort you out in no time. Software such as DataNumen Word Repair will help you recover your deleted or corrupted files.

Use the Temporary Files Feature

The Temporary files folder stores all the temporary files. You can check it out when you can’t find your files. Use the Windows search to find these *.tmp files. Also, note that if you had disabled the ‘hidden files’ option, you won’t be able to find these temporary files. Activate it first before taking any steps.

The Previous Version Tool

Windows has an inbuilt feature called ‘Previous Version Tool’ which allows you to view your unsaved document in previous versions. You can try this method too because ‘Documents’ sometimes portrays the same document in various available versions.

MS Word is one of the most commonly used of all Office applications. However, like any other software, anything can go wrong. The good news is that you can permanently recover documents for free. If you are having difficulties using manual means to locate your files, consider using software designed for data recovery. You could opt for the free version of tools or pay a little money to enjoy more features.

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