How To Recover Data By Converting OST To PST?

For various reasons, many users who use Microsoft Outlook Exchange require to move their messages, calendar files and contacts to a more friendly and standard version of Outlook. However, this exporting and importing function is not so simple, due to the difference of formats of files used to store information in these two file types. Learn how to recover data by converting OST to PST files.

The first step involved in recovering data by converting OST to PST files is to download the DataNumen Exchange Recovery utility software at . Once this software is downloaded, you need to open the DataNumen Exchange Recovery utility and click on the “…” button beside the  “Select OST/source file to be recovered” textbox to choose the .ost file, which you want to convert.

You are then required to select the converted file name. Optionally, you can also select the formats for the source and destination files if you know them. After this, click on “Start Recovery” button. With this you are almost through the procedure of recovering data by converting OST to PST files. Your OST files will be converted in to PST files and will be saved in your chosen file name.

Make sure to use a reliable virus protection software in order to screen the files that you have downloaded from the Internet. Internet is a vast arena where software like DataNumen Exchange Recovery can be easily used for recovering data by converting OST files into PST files. This is a popular recovery tool used for .ost files. Using advanced technologies, this software scans the damaged .ost files and helps in recovering your mail messages and folders.

You just need to follow the easy to understand instructions given in the DataNumen Exchange Recovery software in order to successfully recover all the emails and email items from your OST files into PST files, so that you can easily use them with Microsoft Outlook. This software has been especially designed for recovering the emails and messages that have been deleted from Microsoft Exchange Server.

This software will also help you recovering attachments and also enable you to split some oversized PST files in small files. DataNumen Exchange Recovery software is also capable of recovering mail messages, posts, folders, meeting requests and journals in OST files instantly. Such tools are also helpful in preserving the formatting of other texts in the emails. Due to various reasons like virus infection or any other problemuser account can be deleted from the MS Exchange server but tools like DataNumen Exchange Recovery can help you get back those lost OST files and can convert them into PST files without much difficulty.

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