How to Recover Corrupt Photoshop PSD Files

Adobe Photoshop is the leading picture editing software in the world. Amateur photographers, professionals, graphic designers and dozens of other professionals use it every day to edit photographs and other graphics. Photoshop files sometimes however fail to open because they have been corrupted. In this article, we will look at how to repair corrupt Photoshop files.

‘A picture says a thousand words,’ goes a saying. Pictures are an important part of our lives and give us memories, fantasies or ideas. Adobe Photoshop, the leading picture editing tool, is therefore one of the most vital software in a modern day computer.

DataNumen PSD Repair

Photoshop files are saved in PSD or PDD formats. PSD files are not entirely safe and will sometimes get corrupted. Some of the main causes of this corruption are:

  • Unsaved work:

You could have hurriedly closed the Photoshop window and not saved the changes you made to the file.

  • Malware:

Malicious software like viruses are a big threat to data integrity and corrupt any file they get their hands on. This is likely to be the case especially if you were editing pictures sourced from or sent through the internet.

  • Interruptions:

If you were editing a large file, it requires sufficient processor time to save changes successfully. If another program interrupts the process, your document will be corrupted.

  • Power issues:

Power problems like blackouts and power surges will cause a sudden system shutdown thereby corrupting all the data that was being processed. If you are working on a PSD file at the time, it will likely be lost or corrupt when you restart the system.

How Do You Recover PSD Files?

  • From backup.

It is advisable to have backup for all your files for easy recovery in cases of corruption and accidental deletion. If you are unsure of whether your backup is turned on, Go to the Control panel, Select “ON” under the “Protection Settings” button.

If you find that it’s already on, go through your backup files and search for the backup of the corrupt file.

  • From recent.

Open Adobe Photoshop, Click “File” and then select “Open recent.” All the recently opened files will appear. Locate the problematic file and open it in edit mode. After confirming that all the changes you had made previously are saved, rename it to a PSD file.

  • Using Temp files.

If you lost your file due to a system crash or sudden shutdown, the system had most likely saved temp files for the work and can be found in your storage.

  1. Open your hard disk and select “Documents and Settings.”
  2. Select “Local settings”
  3. Click on “Temp”
  4. Locate the files labeled “photoshop” and find the one with a similar filename to the PSD file you want to repair.
  5. Change the filename extension from .temp to .psd and save.

The methods above only work for slightly corrupted PSD files and cannot recover a deleted file. For a reliable solution, you should consider DataNumen PSD Repair. It is the leading Photoshop recovery tool and is recommended by data recovery experts.

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