How to recover a password protected PST file in short time?

PST is the format that email client like Outlook uses to store your personal information in your computer hard drive. Outlook allows users to protect the PST file by setting a password so that nobody can access your important files. However, in most cases the user tend to forget the password and fortunately the encryption Microsoft uses is not strong and the user can get access to the file again with the help of some third party software.

Human beings have the tendency to forget things often and in cases where password is involved things get more complicated. When we forget the password for a web based client like Yahoo! Gmail or HotMail we contact the customer support for assistance to recover the password. However, what would you do when you forget the password meant to protect PST file in Outlook client. Fortunately, the encryption used by Microsoft to protect the PST file is not strong enough and you can crack the code by using a good software application.

You can recover PST by decrypting the 32 bit CRC32 hash value of the password. Whenever any PST file is being opened it checks for the hash value and if the hash value is 0 the file will open without password prompt but if the user has entered any other character then the password prompt will pop up. The main drawback of a CRC32 hash is that a lot of string seems to have the same hash and this makes it easy to decrypt the code. For example if you have set ‘1357’ as the password for your PST file then it might open with some other alternate codes such as ‘yZdHpA’, ‘WZHAwJ’, ‘YUWqKD’ etc. All these loopholes in the Outlook system makes it easy to recover PST password.

These loopholes in the Outlook system can make it more vulnerable if you are considering the security of your confidential data. As with such an easy method of decrypting the codes anybody can recover PST password of any user. However, this loophole in the system is often a blessing for users who forget their password as they are not required to spend heavily on softwares that can recover their password.

Recovering the PST password is not a very lengthy or time consuming operation if you take the help of some third party password recovery softwares which are available in the market. Some programmes like ‘DataNumen Outlook Repair’ are readily available in the market and with this software you can recover PST passwords with ease. This tool can not only help recover your password but also recover all information from corrupt PST file which is nearly impossible to get from the free Inbox Recovery Tool that is found in Outlook.

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