How to read a damaged PDF file?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) file format is used by people to store to images and text files in a format which is not only easily accessible but easy to use. The format can be used to store information in the organisation or company reports and can used to make interactive documents like ebooks and magazines. When a PDF file gets damaged, following are a few simple steps to correct the error.

The main reason behind the increase in usage of the PDF files is owing to the fact that the file can be easily transferred between computer systems and can work on multiple platforms. This allows more room for interoperability in handling information across platforms. The format, which was first developed by Adobe in 1993, can also be used to create all kinds of documents and files for various purposes. However, often, when a PDF file is not created properly, then the document becomes corrupt and unreadable, resulting in the loss of information. In order to fix PDF files, users can follow the steps given on the Adobe support website. Go to and access the ‘Support’ option which has been provided at the top of the screen as a white text on a black back ground.  When users reach the support page, they then need to select the ‘Adobe Reader’ option and click on ‘troubleshooting’ tab underneath the ‘Adobe Reader and Help Support’ tab. Click on the ‘I can’t open a PDF document’ below the ‘troubleshooting’ option. Sometimes, PDF files don’t open owing to some problem in installing the Adobe Reader software. The most simplest way of fixing errors on the platform is by initiating the built-in repair mechanism. This can be accessed by first clicking on the ‘Start’ menu in Windows and click on Adobe Acrobat in the ‘All Programs’ section. When the application opens, click on the ‘Help’ button on the top of the screen and select the ‘Repair Adobe Reader Installation’ option. A dialogue box will open, informing that the repair tool is examining the software for errors and that the application has connected to the company website to check for any available updates. After the error scan is complete, if users are prompted to install an update then they should do so. The update should be able to fix PDF files that were not able to open earlier. If not, then users need to find out the exact reason due to which the PDF file has become inaccessible.

This can be done by clicking on the PDF file and opening it on Adobe Acrobat Reader. As the file is  unreadable, a pop-up giving the reason why the PDF file is not opening appears on the screen. Users can then copy the statement which says why the file is not opening. Now, once the reason because of which the PDF file is not opening has been discovered, users will then have to visit the official Adobe website and click on ‘Support’. Then select the Adobe Reader program from a list of other software for the company offers online support for. Next, select the ‘I can’t open a PDF document.” statement which is given underneath the ‘Troubleshooting’ section. Now, copy the statement on the search bar that has been provided on the right hand side of the screen. Click on the most relevant topic and follow the instructions to fix the problem. In order to fix PDF files, users can also use the DataNumen PDF Repair software from DataNumen.

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