How to Quickly Find All Contacts Having More than One Email Address in Your Outlook

It is easy to find the contacts having or not having email address. But, it is a bit knotty to find the contacts having the certain number of email addresses, like more than one email address. So, this article will introduce you an effective way to get it.

Outlook permits users to enter 3 email addresses for one contact. Hence, maybe you’ve filled in more than one email address to your contacts. At times, you may want to find the contacts that have the specific number of email addresses, which is not as easy as finding contacts with or without email address. Therefore, in the followings, we will teach you a way to get it with ease.

Find All Contacts Having More than One Email Address

  1. In the first place, launch Outlook application.
  2. Then, press “Alt + F11” to access Outlook VBA editor according to “How to Run VBA Code in Your Outlook“.
  3. Next, copy and paste the following code into a module or project.
Sub CountContactEmailAddresses()
    Dim objContactsFolder As Outlook.Folder
    Dim i As Long
    Dim objContact As Outlook.ContactItem
    Dim lEmailAddressCount As Long
    'Get the Contacts folder
    Set objContactsFolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts)
    'Process All Contact Items
    For i = objContactsFolder.Items.Count To 1 Step -1
        If TypeOf objContactsFolder.Items(i) Is ContactItem Then
           Set objContact = objContactsFolder.Items(i)
           'Get the count of contact's email address
           lEmailAddressCount = 0
           If objContact.Email1Address <> "" Then
              lEmailAddressCount = lEmailAddressCount + 1
              If objContact.Email2Address <> "" Then
                 lEmailAddressCount = lEmailAddressCount + 1
                 If objContact.Email3Address <> "" Then
                    lEmailAddressCount = lEmailAddressCount + 1
                 End If
              End If
           End If
           'Input the count to User Field 1
            objContact.User1 = lEmailAddressCount
        End If
End Sub

VBA Code - Find All Contacts Having More than One Email Address

  1. Subsequently, press “F5” to run this macro now.
  2. After macro finishes, you can start searching.
  • Firstly, open the default contact folder.
  • Then, turn to “View” tab and click “View Settings” button.
  • In the popup dialog box, click “Group By” button.
  • Next, in the new “Group By” dialog box, select “All Contacts fields” from the list of “Select available fields from”.
  • After that, select “User Field 1” in “Group items by”.
  • Later, click a series of “OK” until all dialog boxes are closed.Group Contacts by "User Field 1"
  • Eventually, you can see the contact list. The contacts in the “User Field 1: 2” and “User Field 1: 3” groups are those who have more than one email address, as shown in the following figure.Contacts with Certain Number of Email Addresses

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