How to Quickly Check If Only One Font Is Used Across the Whole Outlook Email

At times, you may accidentally use two or more fonts when composing an email. If you want to keep all characters in same font, you need to check the fonts. This post will introduce you a way to effectively perform such checking via VBA.

For an official email, you had better keep the fonts same and unified. However, at times, you may accidentally use several fonts in an email. For instance, you copy a part of texts to your email and keep them in original format. Thus, the fonts may be different from the original email content. If you are composing a pretty long email, you must be reluctant to checking fonts of all characters one by one. Hence, here we will teach you a handier way to quickly check fonts.

Check If Only One Font Is Used Across the Whole Email

  1. At the very outset, launch Outlook program.
  2. Then, launch VBA editor via “Alt + F11” as per “How to Run VBA Code in Your Outlook“.
  3. Next, enable reference to “Microsoft Scripting Runtime” according to “How to Add an Object Library Reference in VBA“.
  4. After that, copy the code below into the unused module or project.
Sub CheckIfFontsAreSame()
    Dim objMail As Outlook.MailItem
    Dim objMailDocument As Word.Document
    Dim objDictionary As New Scripting.Dictionary
    Dim varFonts As Variant
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim strlist As String

    Select Case Outlook.Application.ActiveWindow.Class
           Case olInspector
                Set objMail = ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
           Case olExplorer
                Set objMail = ActiveExplorer.Selection.Item(1)
    End Select
    Set objMailDocument = objMail.GetInspector.WordEditor
    Set objDictionary = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
    'Add all used fonts to dictionary
    For Each objCharacter In objMailDocument.Characters
        strFontName = objCharacter.Font.Name
        If objDictionary.Exists(strFontName) = False Then
           objDictionary.Add strFontName, 1
        End If
    If objDictionary.Count = 1 Then
       MsgBox "All email charatcers use " & objDictionary.Keys(0) & "!", vbInformation + vbOKOnly
       varFonts = objDictionary.Keys
       For i = LBound(varFonts) To UBound(varFonts)
           strlist = strlist & (i + 1) & "." & varFonts(i) & vbCr
       MsgBox "There are " & objDictionary.Count & " fonts used in this email, as follows:" & vbCrLf & strlist
    End If
End Sub

VBA Code - Check If Only One Font Is Used Across the Whole Email

  1. Subsequently, exit the VBA editor and add this macro to Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).
  2. Eventually, follow the steps below to try it.
  • First off, select or open an email.
  • Then, if all characters use the same font, you will receive a message like this.One Font Used in Email
  • But, if there is more than one font used in this email, you will get another message like this.Several Fonts Used in Email

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