How to Print Reports of A2 Size in MS Access

In this article, we look at solving the limitation of Access in printing reports of A2 size

We all are aware of the annoyance caused when something we want to be done according to us does not happen in the way we want or expect it to happen. To attach a deeper meaning to this, we can say that this is precisely how life works. But then there are certain things that we have control over, and can manipulate or change according to our preference. No, we are not talking about the people you exercise influence over but software and application that are built by us and can also be altered by us.

The print report size in MS Access has been fixed to a given measurement in all its editions till date. Very few of the application features have remained constant since the time of its inception, this print report size is one of them. But as all of the other features of the application have been updated, we expect this to be changed or updated as well. And if MS does not do it, we’ll probably have to find other ways to get it done.Workaround How To Print Reports Of A2 Size In MS Access

Printing Access Reports in A2 Size

Export The Data In Access Database To An Excel SheetThe default print report size in Access is 22.75 inches, whereas the A2 size equals to 23.4 inches. The difference in both the sizes is a little less than an inch. In an A2 size print, the report will be printed edge-to-edge on a page, which is something that is hardly implemented by any available printer. So what we really need to do here is to make changes in the size of the print report so that it is printed in an A2 size.

One of the most feasible solutions you can try out here is exporting the data in your Access database to an Excel sheet or a Word Document and then give a print command. You can opt for building it entirely on the fly or choose the option of creating templates first and then populating them later on.

These might or might not be the best of solutions, but can definitely be the ones worth a try. So if you have been struggling to get your Access reports printed on A2 size sheet then make sure you give this method a good try.

Key Points

Whenever we print a document, there is always some space that is remaining in the document over the edges, usually left as margins. Covering that up is rarely an option, but you can try reducing them to an extent. The requirements of users differ from case-to-case. What is helpful for one might not be useful for another, so this kind of tips can help you a lot in making little changes which have not really been advocated by the creators but are still allowed to be done. This is precisely the beauty of this application, that apart from all its uniform features, it also provides you with great flexibility to make changes whenever necessary.

For all its rich features, Access databases remain vulnerable to Access corruption. So if you are using Access in your office, always keep a recovery tool like DataNumen Access Repair handy.

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