How to Prevent Data Loss from a Corrupted PDF File

PDF files allow you to efficiently distribute data because you can use them on almost all computers regardless of operating systems. However PDF files can get corrupted. If you want to prevent data loss due to corrupted PDF files, you can try the following methods.

A PDF file is a convenient way to distribute documents to a large amount of people. This is because a PDF file is designed to work on almost all types of computer hardware and operating systems. They also operate independent of application software.

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However, files can get corrupted which means that you can’t open them and lose out on the data contained within.

Why do PDF files get corrupted?

1. Unexpected shutdowns

If your computer shuts down unexpectedly, like if there was a power interruption, while you were either creating or downloading a PDF file the file can get corrupted.

2. If your document is too large

There is a maximum size limit for a PDF document, 10 MB. If your file is bigger than that, it can get corrupted.

3. If there is something wrong with your Adobe Acrobat Reader

To view a PDF, you need to have a version of PDF Reader on your computer. If there is something wrong with your reader, you could get an error or “corrupt file” message.

4. Viruses

Some computer viruses can corrupt PDF files.

5. Bad sectors on your drive

If your hard drive has suffered damage, there could be bad sectors on your drive. If the PDF file you want to open is in a bad sector, it could get corrupted.

What to do if you have a corrupt PDF file?

If you suspect that you are trying to open a corrupt PDF file, there are two basic fix’s you should try.

First, trash the corrupt file and download it again from the original source. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling your PDF reader then reinstalling it. If these two fixes don’t work, you will need to try other methods.

1. Try restoring a previous file version

If your “corrupted” file was a file that you were previously able to open, you can try restoring it to the “old” version. This is something you can do with Windows 10. Press the Windows key and “I” at the same time, choose the option “Update & Security”, then apply “Backup.”

You can also try and restore an old version of a PDF file from the File Explorer. On File Explorer, locate the file and right click on it. You should see a menu of options including the option “Restore previous versions.”

2. Extract the data

If your PDF file is corrupted, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the data in it is lost, you can try to extract some of the data using online applications that convert a PDF to a word file.

3. Use a data loss recovery program

The best way to ensure that you don’t loss data from corrupted files, including PDF files, is to have a data loss recovery program installed. A good data loss recovery program can recover almost all your data from a corrupt PDF file. DataNumen PDF Repair can quickly and efficiently repair corrupt Acrobat PDF files and recover your data.

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