How to Make Your Work More Convenient by Redefining Keyword Shortcuts in Word

You may not get used to some keyboard shortcuts in word, which may cause inconvenience to you. Follow the 2 methods below, you will be able to assign a shortcut of your choosing.

Word have assigned keyboard shortcuts to many commands, so as to make it quicker and easier for you to apply formatting, insert object , and perform other operations on your Word documents. However, if you are not accustomed to using certain keyboard shortcut in Word, or you just don’t like it, you can change it and customize keyboard shortcuts in your Word. For example, “Ctrl + P” is the shortcut key for printing. However, these two keys are far separated so normally we cannot press both of them with one hand, which is inconvenient. In section 1, we will take this as an example to explain how to redefine key shortcuts. Also, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to commands that do not currently have one. In this article, we will show you create a keyboard shortcut of your own in Word.

Customize Shortcuts for All Commands

  1. Click “File” tab and click “Options”. Click “File” tab and click “Options”
  1. A dialogue box comes up, switch to “Customize Ribbon” page, and then click “Customize”.Click “Customize”
  1. In the following pop up window, you can first find the task that you want to customize the shortcut key to. As we have mentioned above, the shortcut key “Ctrl + P” for printing is not easy for us to do with one hand. Therefore, we will replace it with a new combination. Under “Categories” tab, we select “File Tab”, and choose “PrintPreviewAndPrint” under “Commands” tab. Then, the current keys show up in the “Current keys” box. And you can press the keyboard to enter the shortcut key you desire in “Press new shortcut key” box. Here, we input “Alt + Z”, which is more convenient to press. Finally, click “Assign”.Enter the shortcut key you desire

Customize Shortcuts for Commands on the Toolbars

For those commands that can be found directly on the toolbar, there is a more convenient way to bring out customize keyboard. In addition, you don’t have to search for the target command in customize keyboard, which will definitely save time for you.

  1. Press “Ctrl + Alt + ‘+’”(‘+’ is the one in the digital keyboard), and then the cursor changes to another shape.
  2. Place your cursor on the command you want to customize keyboard shortcut key. Here, we put the cursor on “Replace” command. And then click “Replace”.Click “Replace”
  1. In the “Customize keyboard” window, press “Ctrl + Q” in the “Press new shortcut key” box, for example. And then click “Assign”.Click “Assign”

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