How to Keep Your Windows Backup Files Safe

Discover some infallible tips for protecting your backups from damages and action steps you can take to recover BKF file if prevention measures fail.

How to Keep Your Windows Backup Files Safe

One way to protect yourself against data loss is to create backups of your files. Windows operating systems allow users to create backups manually or automatically. However, these backups are only useful to you if you can use them to restore your files in case of a data loss event. This article examines practical ways to protect your backups from getting corrupted and what to do if these measures fail.

What backup options are available?

There are multiple approaches you can use to back up your data. For instance, you can use cloud-based solutions to back up your data on online servers. Service providers offer these solutions on a subscription basis.  This method gives you the advantage of accessing your files from anywhere.  

You can opt to use an offsite server connected to your company network to back up your data. Here, network drives can be used to house your files. Another approach is to use offline storage media such as hard drives, CDROMs, magnetic tapes, and USB drives. 

Best practices for keeping your backups safe

The aim of creating backups is to ensure that you can access your files in case of a disaster that causes the loss of your original data. Therefore, your backups need to be physically away from the original data. This is easy to achieve when you are using cloud-based and offsite backup solutions. However, when using offline storage media, you must make a deliberate effort to keep your backups far from your computers at all times. 

Besides physical distance, it is important to protect the backups from external elements such as fire and moisture. To achieve this, your offsite server rooms should be fireproof. Also, you need to keep your storage media in fireproof safes. Also, physical access to such premises or facilities should be limited to authorized persons only. 

In addition to the above measures, it is wise to encrypt your backups. Such a measure could still prevent unauthorized persons from accessing very important information, especially if they manage to access the storage media. 

Desist from creating backups on your computer, especially if you have not partitioned your hard drive. When you keep your data in the same partition where your operating system is installed, it is very easy to lose it if your computer crashes. 

What next if your backups get corrupted?

If your encounter corrupted BKF files, do not panic. There is still hope to recover your files. This problem can affect both online and offline backups. For instance, online backups can be damaged by malware or even get deleted accidentally. On the other hand, if offline storage media are not kept under good conditions, they can get damaged and lead to data corruption. In case this happens, you can use applications such as DataNumen BKF Repair to recover the data from the corrupt backup files.  The good news is that this software allows you to recover data with ease through its GUI. You do not need to be a top-notch IT guru to use it as it’s self-explanatory. 

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