How to initiate a damage control routine after a PST crash?

PST crash is the most common problem Outlook users around the world faces. People today use their email client to manage one or more email accounts and also store personal as well as business information in the form of emails, notes and calendar schedules. Email client like Outlook also gives users the option to work offline but what if the PST file where the information is stored suddenly crashes and how will users get back their lost files.

A PST file stores a lot of information such as emails, contacts, notes, drafts and calendar items which are important for the user. A PST file should be taken care of as when it gets damaged all information stored in will be lost and it is very hard to get them recovered. The most common cause of PST crash is exceeding the maximum file size limit. Although the PST file can store unlimited data by default, it does not mean that you should store unlimited data in it. Once the size of the PST file exceeds the threshold i.e., 2GB in most cases, Outlook will begin to show abnormal behaviors like giving a long pause whenever you try to send, receive and delete emails.

If you store more data in your PST file, Outlook will start to hang while performing any operation. In most cases people get frustrated by this and close the whole application abruptly or restart the computer. At this stage the PST file is at highest risk and may become corrupt in the process and will eventually require repairing the PST file. If something like this happens, you can always repair PST files by using Scanpst.exe which is a free application from Microsoft which comes installed with Outlook.

An important point to be noted here is that you cannot see the scanpst.exe tool in the Windows start programme menu and need to find it manually using the Windows search bar. You need to type scanpst.exe in the search box and within seconds you will see the tool appear in the right hand side of the Windows search screen. If you want to repair PST file with the scanpst.exe tool all you need to do is browse the damaged .pst file and let the software do the rest of the work for you. You can repair PST file with the scanpst.exe tool and in most cases the lost data gets recovered. However, if the lost data is still not recovered you may require the help of a third party DataNumen Outlook Repair tool.

Using scanpst.exe is the most effective way of damage control in case of a PST crash and also the first step one should take. However, in many cases scanpst.exe is only able to recover a fraction of the damaged file or in worst case scenario is not able to recover any data at all. This can put a user in a disastrous state of mind if he/she sent and received important personal and confidential data over Outlook. Therefore it is advisable to regularly copy information in the PST file and store it in another location or drive, it is even better if you store the data in an external USB drive or a CD.

If you want to protect and recover all the important data stored in the PST file you may need to take the help of external third party softwares like DataNumen Outlook Repair tool which helps you to recover almost all the data which are lost after the PST file becomes corrupt.

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