How to Handle an Expected Deluge of Emails in Outlook

During the business thyear there are times when a huge jump is noticed in the number of emails reaching our mailbox. For example when you place a Job opening on a career site or when you launch a marketing campaign, a deluge of emails may be headed your way. Now with the Outlook email client you can quickly segregate such emails and keep your Inbox in neat order. In this article we would look at tackling a large volume of emails in a systematic manner


Use Rules to Identify and Club Emails in Relevant Folders

Outlook Rules provides us with an efficient manner to segregate rules. You can create a rule to separate the incoming emails based on their subject line, sender or any other parameter that you deem fit. There are several filter options you can choose from to identify a set of emails. Next you can ensure the rule sends across the email meeting the search criteria to a folder of your choice. The whole process would work all emails that come in your email account. Emails would automatically get shifted to the desired folder and you can then check at leisure while your Inbox remains from the deluge. Moreover you can even specify any exceptions to the rule that you want. For example you can create a rule that filters emails with the subject line resume, if it is being referred by your manager.


If you are not sure about Email Subject Lines, use Quick Steps

When you use rules to shift emails, there is always a catch attached. Emails get transferred to your desired place on their own but you do not get to review them before they are shifted. Now in some cases the subject lines may vary and the rules may fail to check such emails. In such a scenario you can create a Quick Step to perform the multi step action that you wish to execute. The convenience here lies in the fact that you can manually choose the email on which you wish to execute the Quick Steps on.


An Outlook Recovery Tool is a Necessity for Business Users

For those of us who use Outlook for managing our business emails, the sheer idea of losing our emails can send a shiver down the spine. So as business users we should have a contingency plan in place to deal with Outlook corruption issues. Ideally one should procure a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair and use it to get back emails in case of an Outlook crash. This well thought out software is capable of dealing with several scenarios where your email data is stored at different places. Irrespective of whether your PST data is present on a Norton Ghost drive or an Iomega Disk, this proficient tool would successfully retrieve the same without any worries.


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