How to Fix Your Corrupt BKF Files

In this article, we review common reasons why BKF files get damaged and some actions you could take to secure your data and get your operations back immediately.

How to Fix Your Corrupt BKF Files

One of the great features of Windows systems is that they come with in-built data backup utilities. You can use these features to back up any file type, including databases. Files created by these utilities have a .bkf extension. In the event of your original files get lost or corrupted, you can restore your data using the BKF files. Unfortunately, BKF files do get corrupted too. Let’s review common reasons why BKF files get damaged and some actions you can take to secure your data.

Top causes of BKF file corruption

When a computer crashes, it can affect the files stored on its hard drive adversely. Documents may become corrupt and inaccessible and BKF files may not be spared either.  Also, interrupting the backup procedure can make these BKF files to malfunction. Ways in which this can happen include disconnecting your computer from the power supply and unmounting a drive abruptly while the backup process is ongoing.

Moreover, exposing your files to viruses can cause them to malfunction. This can happen when you save them on a drive that is infected with malware or introduce malicious software to your computer unknowingly. To avoid this from happening, it is advisable to update your antivirus regularly and observe best practices when handling BKF files. These include the following proper procedures when performing backup procedures such as ensuring that your device has a steady power supply.

How to tell whether a BKF file is corrupt

Despite your best efforts, it is possible for your registers to get damages. If these files become corrupt, you cannot access the information they contain. The system will keep on shoving up some backup utility errors. So, if you see a pop-up window that reads, “Not enough storage is available to complete this operation” or “The parameter is incorrect”, just know that your BKF files could be damaged. This is true, especially if other procedures on your computer are running properly. The errors and their specifics can also be varied, we just mentioned two examples to give you an idea of what you are likely to see.

A quick way to fix BKF file corruption

When faced with corrupt BKF files, you can try to restore them manually using Windows’ backup utility also known as NTBackup. However, the success rate of this method is very low and you can end up corrupting your files more.

To avoid this from happening, it is advisable to use tools that are not only easy to use but also maximize the chances of recovering most of your data. One of such tools is DataNumen BKF Repair. With an average recovery rate of 99.58%, it stands out as among the leading BKF repair and recovery software in the market. The good news is that this software supports batch processing, and if you trying to recover data from multiple files, it provides you with an efficient way to recover your files. It also supports the recovery of files of up to 16777216 TB. Therefore, there’s no need for you to worry in case you intend to recover large BKF files.

DataNumen BKF Repair

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