How to Fix “File record segment is unreadable” Error in Windows

Many Windows users have complained a lot about the error message – “File record segment is unreadable”. Therefore, in this article, we will throw out a quick guide to fix this issue.

If you receive the error message “File record segment is unreadable” in Windows, you should not ignore it like treating the other small errors. It’s because that this error is far more serious than what you can imagine. It is virtually a sign of hard drive failure. If you don’t deal with it as soon as possible, one day, you’ll lose all of your drive data completely. Now, in the followings, we will guide you to fix it step by step.

"File record segment is unreadable" Error

1. Back Up the Current Drive Data

Generally speaking, this error message indicates that the hard drive is failing. So, in order to prevent losing the drive data, you ought to back up the drive right now. Only in this way, even though this drive fails finally, you still get hold of a copy of the drive data.

2. Run CHKDSK to Scan/Repair the Drive

Then, since this error can also occur from logical issues in hard drive, you can run CHKDSK to perform a full scan of the drive and repair the errors, Firstly, run cmd as administrator. Next, in “Command Prompt”, input “chkdsk /r” and permit auto check at next PC booting. Later, restart your computer to let CHKDSK complete its task.

3. Clone the Drive to a New Drive

Now that the current drive is malfunctioning, why don’t you clone it to another? You can clone the problematic drive to a new drive and then check if the files are still available. Usually, if the files are still intact, this error won’t occur to the new drive. Thus, though it isn’t a versatile and absolutely successful solution, it is still worthy of a try.

4. Connect the Drive to another PC

This error can result from scratched hard drive platters. In reality, in the event of such physical damage, it does not refer to that the drive data are compromised thoroughly. You still can try to extract the intact files from the drive by connecting it to a different computer. After connecting, you may find some files existing in it. Then, you can copy them to a new drive.

5. Recover Data via Third Party Software

Provided that the hard disk is actually subject to logical errors instead of physical damage, you can recover the drive data via a well-proven and trustworthy utility, such as employing an experienced PST fix tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to recover lost PST files. But when purchasing such software, you should beware of those unreliable tools from unknown sources.

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