How to Fix a Corrupted BKF File

One very important computing rule to follow is to create regular backups of your data. Microsoft allows users to create backups with their Windows Backup Utility. However, like many other types of file formats, backup files can be corrupted.

How to Fix a Corrupted BKF File

The Microsoft Windows operating system is one of the most prolific operating systems in the world. Computers are a mainstay in many homes and businesses, everyone has access to at least one or maybe two daily and most of the time, they run on Windows.

There will come a time when a computer’s hard drive will fail irrevocably and when that happens, the only way to ensure that you don’t lose your data permanently is to have regular backups made.

How can I backup my data?

As Microsoft realizes that data loss is an inherent risk when using their computers, they have built in tools to repair and restore corrupted files. They also have a program to create backups called Windows Backup Utility.

Using Windows Backup Utility, you can create a backup of your computer’s data. This is known as a .BKF file. You can run this program and create a .BKF file or, this is probably a good option to take, schedule it so that your computer will automatically run Windows Backup at specified times.

After a BKF file has been created, it can be used to restore your computer – with the latest files, folders, and software – by opening it with the Backup Utility.  If you have the latest copy of your BKF file on an external storage device, you can recreate or copy your hard drive and files onto a new device. So if your suffering from hard drive failure, you can recover everything by just opening your backup onto a new device.

What to do if my backup is corrupted?

If you have a computer that runs Windows 10, 8, 7, or Windows Vista, an you believe that you have a corrupted BKF file, Windows offers a built-in solution.

  1. Find folder with the file NTBackup.exe. Right-click on the file and choose “Run as Administrator”.
  2. A message window will appear, click “Ok”
  3. The Backup or Restore Wizard will open. Click “Next”
  4. Choose option “Restore files and settings”. Click “Next”
  5. On the next window, click “Browse” then find the corrupted BKF file. Choose “Ok”
  6. Another window will appear, choose “Preferred files/folder”. Choose “Next”
  7. Choose “Advanced”. A window asking “Where to restore” will open. Go to the option “Restore files to” and choose “Alternate location”. From there, specify a different location for the new file, like desktop. Click “Next” than “Finish”
  8. Check the BKF file in its new location.

It is also a good idea, however, to have other data restoration programs installed on your computer to prevent data loss from becoming a permanent problem. DataNumen Office Repair is a good all around data recovery program that can help find, repair, and restore files created and used with the whole suite of Microsoft Office applications.

You can also ensure that you prevent data loss due to your backup files getting corrupted by installing DataNumen BKF Repair. It can quickly repair and recover a corrupt BKF file and is a bit more reliable than the Windows tool.

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