How to extract images from an encrypted or corrupt PDF file?

A PDF file is the most popular file format in the world, used by almost everyone from novices to professionals for storing personal or work related information. PDF files are also a great of storing images in a single file. Sometimes, users come across an encrypted or corrupt PDF file, from which they need to extract images. Here are a few simple steps that might aid users in extracting those images.

At this day and age, almost every mobile device comes with a camera. The most standard format in which photos are stored is JPEG. The format comes default in mobile and digital camera device. People prefer to create personalised photo albums which can be shared with friends and family no matter where they are. But when it comes to sharing the photos via email, users hesitate, as sending full-sized images might prove time consuming. One big factor that has contributed to the worldwide popularity of PDF format is that it easily allows to add images to the document, in the most user friendly manner. Even book and magazine publishers or report makers use the file format in order to insert images in the text. Users have also taken to storing only images in the PDF document as it makes it easier to share them via email or for viewing on a handheld device. In such a scenario, having a PDF recovery tool is of utmost importance. The images stored in PDF documents are not only of higher quality, users also find it easier to view the images by simply scrolling through the document. Users can store images on a PDF using any PDF creator or they can also view the ebooks and magazines. The format is a boon to publishers of digital books and magazine as it allows them to make them as attractive and interactive as their physical versions. Sometimes, creators of the PDF file encrypt the file in such a way that it become impossible to copy the images in the document when users need them. PDF recovery then becomes of utmost importance. Users can recover images from a encrypted file following a few simple steps. All they need to have is the PDF file in question, the Adobe Acrobat Reader application and the Windows Paint program. First of all, open the file from which users need to extract the image from on the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Select the image that needs to be repaired. Whenever necessary, use the ‘CTRL +’ and ‘CTRL –’ short cut keys to rightly position the image in center.  When the image is positioned at the center of the screen, users then need to take a screen shot of the page. This can be done by pressing the ‘Print Screen’ button on the keyboard. Users then need to open the screenshot using the Windows Paint program. Then, users access the select tool from the Paint program and manually select the image they need to extract. Copy the selected image using ‘CTRL + C’ and pasted on the new file. Then save the file in JPEG format. The PDF can also become damaged due to excessive use. In order to perform PDF recovery from a damaged PDF file, users can use the DataNumen PDF Repair software, which not only recovers the images from a PDF file, but also recover the text. The software comes with a simplistic user interface and can be used to repair a PDF file no matter how damaged it seems to be.

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