How to Exploit Cloud Business Advantage by Working on SQL Server Data in Cloud

In this article, users will be able to learn about different ways in which they can use cloud business advantage by working on data in the cloud.

Users can do some amazing things with their data in their cloud using Microsoft’s SQL server. Here are just a few ways using which users can learn to efficiently and effectively take advantage of cloud business advantage by working on data in the cloud. Here are a few hacks that will help you get started, and take advantage of your cloud data.Learn How To Exploit Cloud Business Advantage By Working On Data In Cloud

1. Build Data-Driven applications that adapt and learn

Using cloud-based data, the user can spot trends, recommend choices and react to events while predicting outcomes. This helps in improved business processing and richer customer experiences, which also helps in addressing and detecting issues before they arise.

There are three key ingredients involved in creating Intelligent Apps:

  • Real Time data ingestion
  • Create Query across real-time and historical data
  • Make predictions and Analyze patterns with machine learning

Microsoft SQL Server, works exceptionally well with Azure, which is a cloud-based data storage resource. Azure can help make your data usage more intelligent by applying machine learning techniques to predict, analyze and classify implicit and explicit signals.

2. First-Class Search Experience using short line codes

Azure offers a search-as-a-service feature to its users that delegate infrastructure and server management to Microsoft. This allows users to search for any query or information, using a ready-to-use service, which can be accessed using a short code. Imagine accessing data without any hassle and having a smooth search experience on all your cognitive based applications or web. Users can robustly search on any application using .NET SDK or REST API without having an expertise in search or managing a search infrastructure.

Some of the biggest search sites around the world, like Canada’s, uses Azure Search, to allow the dealer to advertise, determine the best pricing, access market data and manage the inventory of the product on what vehicles are in high demand.

3. Protect your margins and Scale your Business

Most businesses while working with the cloud, tend to question, how they are going to manage all the cost associated with managing and isolating the client or customer data based on different preferences and categories, which ensure that everyone is satisfied, despite their varied performance demands.

There are two key challenges in this:

  • (a) Maintaining and managing an isolated database of each customer, which will demand more staff.
  • (b) Over-Provisioning resources can end up in increasing the operating cost.

Here, SQL Database Elastic Pools comes to rescue, which is cost-effective easy to use method which can be used to scale and manage multiple databases, comprising of unpredictable and varied usage demands.

Note that these elastic pools are attached to a single Azure Database server and only shares limited resources at a set number price.

Azure SQL ServerAzure SQL Server is an amazing cost-efficient way of managing databases. It is more than just a cloud storage resource. Its extensive modules help in making it an advanced software which can help users access and use the cloud storage in a much faster and efficient way. Organizations can use Azure as their business’s backbone and change the structure of their business while managing costs and ensuring and providing a satisfactory customer experience.

While you may be elated that the latest SQL Server versions are a big step-up from previous versions, they remain vulnerable to incidents of data corruption. Hence it is prudent for companies to keep a recover sql tool readily available to deal with any incidents of database crash.

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