How to effectively resolve the ‘PST file not found’ error in MS Outlook?

The PST (Personal Storage Table) is an open file format which is most commonly used by Microsoft Office softwares like Exchange Client, Windows Messaging and Outlook. It is used for storing copies of messages and calendar events in the user’s computer hard drive. The conversion of data to .pst file frees the storage space on user’s mail servers. However, opening and using a .pst file from over a network can corrupt the file. Let’s look at how you can avoid such things from happening.

The PST file in Microsoft Outlook email client is an important tool for mass storing of emails, contacts, calendar, notes and appointments which are important for personal and business usage. Although the .pst file format is considered to be a secure medium of storing data, it is still not free from getting corrupted due to improper way of using MS Outlook or infection by virus from an external source.

While working with MS Outlook you might have frequented some errors and particularly the ‘PST file not found’ error is the one which can make you go nuts. This is an error which occurs whenever the data stored in .pst format gets corrupt within the system and you may require the help of an Outlook repair programme to solve your problem. The main symptoms of this problem will include improper working or sudden irresponsive behavior and also unexpected crashes while trying to access the .pst files.

Such kind of problem often occurs with Outlook 2007 which uses the PST format for storing data. If you are experiencing the above mentioned symptoms with your Outlook 2007 and unable to start or send and receive emails then the corruption in the .pst file is quiet certain and you may need an immediate Outlook repair to solve your problem.

The PST error may occur something like this “C:\Users\MYNAME\Outlook Personal Folders –data – pst cannot be found”. Picking up a skilled approach to resolve your problem is the best way you can get your Outlook repair process to give you the best results. The above mentioned error can mean two problems with your PST file. First, unavailability of server where PST is located and secondly PST file is either damaged or corrupt and Outlook cannot recognize it.

If you wish to repair your PST files for free then the following steps might be helpful for you. Before purchasing any file recovery software we recommend to try this method first as it may be possible that you may recover your corrupt files without spending a dime. For this you have to run the Inbox Repair Tool which is available at the following path: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033\ and then search for the tool file name which is ‘Scanpst.exe’ and then run the recovery process. However, remember to take a back up of all the files in another location before running the recovery process.

If you are able to recover the corrupt data from the PST file then it’s well and good. However, if you are unable to recover any of the items then you can look to use utilities like DataNumen Outlook Repair which is tailor made for such purpose.

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