How PST File Repair Works

Damaged files aren’t a new issue to those Outlook-Repairwho use computers. Management of the file size and regular back up of information are the most effective precautionary measures that users need to employ if they are to avoid data loss. Files can sometimes be exterminated as a result of inner software failures or exterior elements like computer viruses, spyware or even hardware damage. If this happens, it becomes challenging for the user to restore the actual lost data or fix the damaged pst file.

Each time pst files are damaged, a quick solution is sought, but most users wonder how these recovery tools work. Ever wondered how the deleted MS Outlook files are recovered? How about the application programs that repair Outlook, recovering all the corrupted information? These are details that many users never bother to look into as long as the application is working correctly.

Conversely, many developers or users who are just curious about the inner functioning of these applications always yearn to learn more. So, how do these MS Outlook recovery tools work?


Following these steps

First, let’s look at Scanpst.exe, which is an MS Outlook in-built pst files repair tool. It’s basic in functions and thus only repairs files that have not been adversely damaged. In fact, it’s basically used by many to recover mailboxes. Scanpst.exe scans the mail directory configuration, capturing all the details of headers and all references. After a complete scan, the user is presented with a list of errors and an option to start the repair process.

Most of the other recovery tools function more or less the same way, only that some of them offer more inner functionalities. This results in different processes and diverse output formats. Repairing the pst or ost files involves the determination of whether there is a problem with the file structure. If yes, the repair tool rectifies it and reconstructs the headers. Most repair tools create temporary backups that the user is not aware of, enabling the user to restore the damaged files where the repair process becomes unsuccessful.

One of the best MS Outlook recovery tools that are available for users is DataNumen. This repair tool offers advanced capabilities that include in depth scan of the file structure, file references and also brags of numerous output formats. DataNumen enables you to recover all details of your pst files including, but not limited to, calendars, contacts, email messages and schedules. You will also recover email details such as sender, recipient, subject, body, among others.

To enable you to test the software before purchasing a full version, you can easily download a free trial version of the software from the developer’s website. More details about the software are also available on the website. Both expert and user reviews can also be accessed to help make an informed decision prior to making a purchase.


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