How Much Time Does It Take to Recover Data?

When you get the error message that a file has become unreadable, the immediate question is how long will it take to repair it? Most businesses do not have the time to spare to be without access to their data and this is one of the reasons why keeping an up to date in-house kit of data recovery software is essential. If you need to restore Outlook or recover SQL files then having what you need on hand will speed the process. Understanding the myths and reality about data recovery will help you form realistic expectations for the time frame required.

Myth #1 – Once it’s gone, it’s gone  Time

Many users believe that once a file is unreadable, the data is gone for good. Unless you have a good backup system in place there is nothing you can do to recreate the information within it. For the most part, all data is recoverable to a certain extent. There will always be special cases that will even be beyond the expertise of a data recovery specialist, but most data can be recovered using one of DataNumen’s recovery and repair programs.

Myth #2 – All the data will be recovered perfectly

Nothing in life is guaranteed and this is especially true when it comes to anything involving data and computers. It is not that the systems and processes are unreliable, but that they are so complicated that to repair Outlook problems or even SQL recovery is not a perfect process. In most instances, you will recover all of your data, but you may have some data clutter spread throughout the document. This is one of the reasons that recovery programs create data dumps, where they try to remove as much data on one level of the architecture of the document and create a new document to place it in to try and avoid picking up under levels of code that have crept through.

The Reality

Recovery programs work well and they can work fast. It depends on the nature and environment of the problem. Computers are very stable universes, but highly complicated ones full of interdependent relationships that you may not be aware of during your everyday use. The programs scan and repair according to a standard of what should be within the structure of a file for a given program. This is why it is key that you have the right version of the recovery program for your version of Word or Excel and operating system. A typical data recovery fix can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

If you need more specialized help than a program can offer, you can use a specialist. A recovery specialist has skills that can help trouble shoot unique problems that are outside of the norm of data corruption. Their time frame will depend upon the complexity of the problem found.


Alan Chen is President and Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., a world leader in data recovery technologies trusted by some of the largest businesses in the world. For more information on Word recovery, Excel recovery or other recovery/repair software, visit DataNumen to choose the right product for you or take advantage of our Advanced AnyFile Repair Service.

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