How Much Free Space Must Be Remained in Your Computer Drive?

As we all know, it’s highly recommended to leave some free space in computer drive. Then, how much free space remained is enough and advisable? This post will look at this question to reveal its answer.

As we all know, it is bad to fill up your computer drive, no matter a hard drive or solid state drive. Not only will filling up the drive make bad impacts on the drive and computer performance, but also it might accelerate the drive degradation. So, it is always suggested to leave a certain amount of free space in computer drive.

When it comes to leaving free storage space, a majority of users will ask the same question – how much free space is sufficient and reasonable. In fact, this question has plagued both common home and senior computer users for a long time. Now, thereinafter, we will expose the answer in detail.

How Much Free Space Must Be Remained in Your Computer Drive?

If There Isn’t Enough Free Space

First off, it’s necessary to figure out the bad consequences in case of out-of-space drive. The most obvious result is that you cannot save or download new data, like common documents or system updates, to a full computer drive. Besides, when a drive fills up, the computer will be unable to run a lot of programs at once. If you launch multiple grams simultaneously, the programs can crash and lead to program data corruption, such as Outlook crashes causing PST corruption. In a nutshell, a lack of enough free space can result in miscellaneous problems.

Suggested Free Space

Then, how much free space you should leave in your computer hard drive? The answer depends on multiple factors, such as the drive type, namely whether it is a hard disk drive (HDD) or a solid state drive (SSD).

1. for HDD

If your compute drive is hard drive, it is suggested to leave at least 15% of the full storage space of the drive. The free space is used for defragmentation. It is known that hard drive should be defragmented at regular intervals. Defragmentation is able to re-arrange the data piece in the drive, thereby improving the drive speed. Therefore, provided that there is 15% free space, your drive will not be able to be defragmented properly. At that time, various troubles will follow.

2. for SSD

Unlike hard drive, defragmentation is unnecessary for solid state drive. However, it is more important and essential to prevent it from filling up due to its use of flash memory. As introduced in my previous article “Will Solid State Drive (SSD) Slow Down when Out of Space“, your computer will drastically slow down in case of out-of-space SSD. Hence, it is suggested to leave 25% free space for SSD.

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