How Microsoft Access Can Help Your Business

Most business owners use MS Excel as their spreadsheet and as their database program. While Excel is a great tool for managing a “flat file”
or two-dimensional table-based database, Excel is not the best tool for creating or maintaining a complex database.

Microsoft Access is the database that most Excel users select hen they graduate from simple line-by-line data records to a more complex multi-dimensional or “relational” database. Microsoft makes it easy for users to move from Excel to Access. Both software products are part of the Microsoft Office package. And the Excel tables, forms, reports, and macros that you have created in Excel will work in Access, too.
It’s simple to copy an Excel worksheet to Access and use it immediately.
Alternatively, you can keep your Excel data in Excel, and simply link to it from Access.

Excel users will feel completely at home when sorting, filtering, or making queries in Access. While Access presents many more database options and functions than Excel, the learning curve for creating a simple Access database makes Excel users comfortable switching to Access.

Access’ popularity makes it a great choice for first-time database users. It’s easy to find dozens of books about using Access to manage your data. And Access consultants are available in every city worldwide to provide support for the difficult problems that you may encounter.

Another reason that Microsoft Access is so popular is the availability of thousands of add-in applications that have been developed by independent (non-Microsoft) software developers. From industry-specific applications to time-saving utilities, you can find a surprising number of add-ins that will turn Access into a custom application for your business.

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