How Independent Developers Changed PST Files Repair

One of the greatest fears of computerimages users is the loss of data resulting from system failures or the invasion of the computer system by external software. Microsoft Office Outlook has been a source of headache for many of its users because of data losses associated with damages caused to PST files. The files, just like other computer files, are susceptible to damage or total loss caused by hardware malfunction, software corruption or even unintended deletion.

Since Outlook is a Microsoft Inc. application program, not so many developers put much interest in building add-ins and other tools that would help people recover their lost PST files. Over time, the need for such tools grew incessantly since Microsoft didn’t provide airtight protection against loss of such data or the recovery of the same where the data has been lost.

Microsoft came up with Scanpst.exe to help users recover or repair Outlook files. This solution installs automatically when the MS Outlook is installed. Although it managed to solve a number of problems relating to skewed PST files structures, it doesn’t go a long way in solving more complex problems that may include serious PST files corruption, deletion of the same or even the effects of malicious programs.


Advent of Third Party PST Repair Tool Developers

Besides providing solutions to MS Outlook users, many developers also saw an opportunity in making booming business by availing MS Outlook recovery tools. The solutions began from very basic to more advanced ones thereby making it outstandingly simpler to recover PST files. Most of these developers began by creating proprietary applications with later developers offering open source solutions.

What became obvious is that not all third party applications offered proper remedy. In fact, some have been lambasted for lack of decisive results when it comes to MS Outlook files repair. It’s also been reported by several experts that there are some fake Outlook recovery tools that have been intentionally developed to scrape data from the internet while others are principally focused on causing system damage.

As usual, the need for independent reviews presented itself and review forums were created to shed light on the efficacy of the available repair tools. Gradually, specific MS Outlook tools that maintained irreproachable services took the lead in the market and users got broad based solutions that enabled them to recover their PST files to every little detail. Both the idea and demand for more features that include batch repairs, different output formats and several other relevant updates led to the expansion of the scope of these tools.

Currently, users can recover up to 100% of their lost PST files and fully repair their corrupted PST files by simply using these third part tools.

A good example of a renowned and widely used PST recovery tool is DataNumen. This MS Outlook repair tool is considered one the best out there. It grants you numerous functions and wholly repairs or recovers your lost Outlook files so that everything works perfectly again. Users can try the software for free by simply downloading it from the DataNumen website.


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