How to Highlight Certain Cells in Excel Automatically

Excel has a set of functions that many people don’t know. If you can use those functions sufficiently, you will find that your work efficiency improves increasingly. Thus, today we want to share the Excel tips on how to use the highlight cells rules.

In the Excel software, there are many built-in functions. And the combination of those functions with the data and information can bring us much convenience. On the one hand, for people, it is a little difficult to find out all the target numbers in huge amount of information. The pre-set program will not miss a data. On the other hand, it is time-consuming for people to find the numbers one by one. Therefore, some Excel tips are perfect alternatives to manual labor.

An Example of Student scores

For instance, here is a table of 30 students’ scores. And you need to select the scores greater than 90.A Sample File of Scores for the Excel Tips

With so many scores, you will find that it is really tiring and boring. Therefore, here a button can play its role. And the following are the steps of using the highlight cells rules.

Steps of Using the Highlight Cells Rules

  1. Selected the area in which you want to find the number.
  2. Click the button of “Conditional Formatting”. After clicking it, you will see several options.
  3. Put your cursor in the option “Highlight Cells Rules”. And then a set of new options will appear in the right of this option.Click Highlight Cells Rules
  4. Click the first option “Greater Than”. Now, a new window will pop up.
  5. In this new window, input the number “90”. Therefore, in this step, you have set up a new rule in this sheet.Input the Rule
  6. If you want to change the color, you can also click the small arrow on the right, and a drop-down menu will show up. Here you can choose other color combination. Furthermore, you can also choose to customize the font color and fill color.Customize the Color
  7. Since you have finished setting the rule and the color, in this step, you need to click the button “OK”. And then you will find that all the scores greater than 90 are selected. And the format also changes as your setting.The Selected Scores Change

How to Deal With Excel File Corruption

If you don’t know how to use the VBA to select the target, you can use this Excel tips. And in using the Excel, you will inevitably meet with some Excel file corruption. To avoid more serious results, you can prepare a tool, such as repair software to recover Excel.

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