How to Hide Outlook Tasks until Their Start Dates Are Approaching

It will be difficult to arrange your daily works in Outlook if a mass of tasks congest your Tasks folder. It is a good idea to show tasks only when their start dates indeed approach. This article will focus on this issue and provide the handiest way.

I have multiple tasks which have their start dates in the future. For instance, in December, I need to go on a business trip. I hope that Outlook show out this task around December instead of the current time. In fact, I wish that Outlook can hide the tasks until start date.

Hide Outlook Tasks until Their Start Dates Are Approaching

  1. At the very outset, you should start Outlook application,
  2. After getting into the main interface of Outlook, you should head to “Tasks” pane. Click “Tasks” icon in navigation pane or press “Ctrl + 4” keyboard shortcut.
  3. Then in Tasks pane, you need to shift to “View” Tab, under which you have to click “View Settings” button in the group of “Current View”.View Settings
  4. In the new popup dialog box of “Advanced View Settings”, you should click on “Filter” button.Filter
  5. Next another new dialog box called “filter” will turn up, in which you need to take the following steps:
  • In the first place, you should switch to “Advanced” tab.
  • Then in the section of “Define more criteria”, click “Field” button. And from the subsequently popup list, you have to select “All Task fields” and then “Start Date”.
  • Next in the “Condition” part, click the down arrow and choose “in the last 7 days” from the drop down list.
  • After that, click “Add to List”, adding it to the criteria list above.
  • Later repeat the step (2) to choose “Start Date”.
  • As for “Condition” field, select “Today”.
  • Lastly, similar to step (4), hit “Add to List” button.Add Filters - Hide Outlook Tasks until Their Start Dates Are Approaching
  1. In the end, you could click a series of “OK” to save the filters and close all the opened dialog boxes.

After you return to Tasks pane, you will discover that all the tasks whose start date isn’t coming have been hidden already. Only the tasks which are overdue within 7 days and start today are shown in the To-Do list.

Note: For convenience, it is highly suggested to save the filter-applied view as a new view. In “View” ribbon, you can click “Change View” button and then select “Save Current View as a New View…” Then in the subsequently arisen dialog box, name this view and finally click “OK”.Save Current View as a New View

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