HDD vs SSD: Which Is Better for Playing Game?

Are you hesitating about choosing hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD) for playing game? This article will look at this question and expose some advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of drives in terms of games. You can refer to them to make your own decisions.

Hard disk drive (HDD) is a traditional mechanical drive. Although nowadays solid state drive (SSD) is popularized, HDD is still widely used and will not be replaced in the near future. As we all know, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. And the pros and cons will make great impacts on game. So, if you intend to choose one for playing game, you can refer to the following points.

HDD vs SSD: Which Is Better for Playing Game?

HDD’s Advantages

1. Storage & Price

To be honest, generally, a HDD can work well for playing game. Besides, as we all know, one of the most common advantages of HDD over SSD is lower price with large storage capacity. To be specific, a HDD with 2 TB is much cheaper than a SSD with 2 TB. Also, with the technology of manufacturing HDD more and more mature, HDD is increasing cheaper. As for playing game, you absolutely require a large-storage drive. If you have no high budget, HDD may be your better choice.

2. Lifespan

Moreover, in comparison to SSD, HDD is able to last longer, namely more than 10 years. Yet, about SSD, due to its definite and limited write/read cycles, it’s usually capable of lasting up to 5 years. Therefore, if you do pay more attention to drive longevity as choosing for playing game, you’re better off opting for HDD.

SSD’s Advantages

1. Speed

With no doubt, when it comes to SSD, its much greater performance, namely high speed, will occur to our minds in the first place. That is its biggest merit due to its flash memory. As we all know, HDD stores data scattered into pieces around the drive platters. Every time when machine needs to read data, the heads will work hard to locate data pieces, which will take long time. Yet, SSD doesn’t work in this way. Thus, SSD is much faster. During playing games, users must wish computers to work smoothly and faster. In this respect, SSD has the absolute advantage over HDD.

2. Durability

In addition, since HDD consists of mechanical moving components, like heads, it can be damaged more easily than SSD, which has no moving parts. Once a drive is compromised, all the drive data will be corrupt and lost, such as common corrupt PST. Thus, from the perspective of durability, SSD is better. You must be reluctant to accepting the drive suddenly crash during your playing game.

3. Noise

Lastly, noise may be also a necessary factor in drive selection for playing game. On basis of the above point, SSD has no moving parts, thus it always works quietly. Yet, the same doesn’t hold true for HDD, which will produce noise, particularly when it is subject to physical damage. Therefore, if you dislike any disturbing noises when playing game, SSD is better.

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