What to Do If a Hard Drive Is Fire-damaged?

Have you ever suffered the case where your hard drive got damaged by fire? In such a situation, what did you do then? As a matter of fact, most users do not know how to deal with the frustrating case. Don’t panic. This article will tell you what to do.

One of the most severe cases of hard drive damage is fire damage. Moreover, the worst case is that some users would use cold water to put the fire out. However, not only will it cause water damage to the drive, but also it will result in extreme temperature change, leading to further damage. Fortunately, hard drive is always housed and packed with an enclosure, which can protect the hard drive in some degree. Hence, if you can rescue the hard drive from fire in time, it is still possible to repair the drive and retrieve maximum data from it, like PST recovery. Now, in the followings, we will expose you what to do and what not to do in case of a fire-damaged hard drive.

What to Do If a Hard Drive Is Fire Damaged?

Stop Operating on the Hard Drive

First of all, similar to the other kinds of corruption, when a hard drive is damaged by fire, you should also stop all operations on the hard drive. That is to say, it isn’t right to continue using the drive. Some users may proceed to power on the drive to see if it’s recognizable or usable. To be honest, this action is totally inadvisable. It will destroy the entire drive, ruining the final shred of hope.

Don’t Shake, Disassemble or Clean the Hard Drive

In face of a fire-damaged hard drive, many users may be accustomed to shaking, disassembling or cleaning up the drive. It is because that they want to check if the hard drive components are still fine or not. However, as we all know, hard drive is quite sensitive. Even when it is in good health, you shouldn’t shake or open it, not to mention doing that when it is damaged.

Don’t Try to Dry Out the Hard Drive

If you have used water to put fire out before, it is sure that the hard drive must be water-damaged. In this scenario, perhaps you will attempt to dry it out. However, in fact, it’s virtually recommended to keep it wet if possible. Drying the drive out will make changes to the drive, causing later data recovery more difficult.

Don’t Remove the Hard Drive from Computer

Provided that what the fire damage is the entire computer, including the internal hard drive, you should never remove the drive the computer. Many users tend to disconnect the drive from the host machine and think that this will make later data recovery more convenient. But, actually, this is a wrong idea.

Call a Data Recovery Professional

In such a scenario, DIY data recovery is unquestionably impossible. What you can do is to take recourse to data recovery experts. There are multiple data recovery services available on today’s market. You can resort to a reliable one, whose data recovery engineers will give you some helpful tips.

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