What to Do If Hard Drive Cannot Be Detected by Your Computer?

Computer data is actually stored in its internal hard drive. So if hard drive can’t be detected by your computer, you will be unable to access your data. This article will look at this issue and teach you what to do if faced with such a case.

Have you ever encountered such a situation that your computer cannot recognize your hard drive? As we all know, computer data is exactly stored in the hard drive. Thus if hard drive cannot be detected, it means that the data will be inaccessible. Most people think that this kind of cases stems from drive failures. So they’ll tend to recur to hard drive recovery service, which is just like using corrupt PST repair tool to fix compromised PST file.

Hard Drive

However, sometimes, this issue may not come from drive failures, but some other problems, such as faulty operating system configurations, loosen data cable and file corruption, etc. Therefore, once you come across this issue, you’d better take some actions to figure out the culprits. Follow the steps below.

1. Check If Hard Drive Is Switched on

First of all, you have to check your computer System Setup to identify if system has the hard drive switched on. On common computers, you can press “F2” key to access the System Setup interface to determine and change the related settings. If you find the switch is “Off”, you should turn it on. If the switch is already “On” but the hard drive still cannot be detected, please move on to the next step.

2. Examine the State of Data Cable

Additionally, there are great chances that the connection between motherboard and the hard drive is incorrect. It means that the data cable might be loosen or damaged. Hence, you should proceed to the state of the data cable. If it is corrupt, you will be required to replace it with a new one. Provided that the issue persists after using a new cable, turn to the following step.

3. Determine If Hard Drive Is Spinning

For the traditional hard disk drive, when it works, it will be spinning. Hence, you ought to figure out if it is spinning. In general, you can get close to computer case to hear or feel if there is some slight vibration. If so, the drive must be spinning. If not, you should consider whether your computer is supplied with enough power to support the hard drive to work. Assuming that the drive is unable to spin up, it is very likely that it has been damaged physically. In this scenario, you sure have to take recourse to hard drive recovery service.

4. Remove All the Data on the Hard Drive

Moreover, infected and corrupted data on the drive can render drive malfunction, too. Then computer may be unable to detect the drive. Under this circumstance, if you have a current data backup in hand, you can simply remove all the data on the drive and later restore data from backups. But if you don’t have an up-to-date backup or the backup is several months old, your last resort will be reputable recovery service. Please keep careful when selecting a service provider as there are many unreliable ones in today’s market.

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