Going for a Paid Edition of SQL Server is the Right Way for most Mid to Large Sized Firms

In this article we explore why investing in a Paid version of SQL Server like the Standard edition makes more sense for mid to large sized firms

In an increasingly cost conscious world, the availability of free software is seen as a boon by many companies. With the SQL Server Express edition being available for free production use, subject to certain limitations, a number of companies are experimenting with it to save cost. While the Express edition may make great sense for small firms; for mid to large size firms, opting for the free edition may not prove effective. If your need is to store a large amount of data, you should opt for a paid edition. For example, SQL Server Standard edition has a favourable price tag. It is an effective Database Management System. It has a relatively high storage capacity, supports multiple cores, and encompasses BI features and standard tools expected out of a full blown RDBMS package.Paid Edition Of SQL Server To Large Sized Firms

Microsoft provides a whole range of SQL Server Editions including ones for Enterprise and Business Intelligence. With the 2016 edition, SQL Server’s Standard Edition now boasts of BI features which make it a preferred choice for mid sized firms.  It has memory capacity of 64 GB and it can support up to 16 processor cores. It extends support to database up to 524 Petabytes. Some of its major advantages are as follows:

  1. Supports Log Shipping
  2. Has a Back up Compression facility
  3. Database Mirroring is possible.

It is a way better option than the SQL Server Express Edition. The Standard Edition is featured with some additional tools. These tools are SQL Profiler and Distributed Replay etc which facilitate the daily maintenance of SQL Server database.

SQL Server Standard Edition is considered to be a worthy option for Business Operations. It allows multi-tasking. For example, it helps in maintaining Performance reports, Policy records, indexing of data etc. In terms of ROI when captured in terms of performance improvement, the Standard Edition is likely to recover its costs within months in any midsized firm. SQL Server Standard Edition is a perfect choice for management operations in fairly large sized business firms too. It is well suited for Data Mining and Data Analysts can make an effective use of its BI features. Further it supports development of Multidimensional Data Models, a varied variety of choices in reporting. It also enables making different outlines for different Business Projects.

SQL Server 2012 Licensing ModelsAs features are added the cost differs. All licensing models have different cost. The SQL Server Standard Edition has two licensing models. These are as follows:

  1. Core- Based
  2. Server plus Client Access License (CAL)

The Second type has extremely flexible features. It caters to some specific criterions depending upon the needs of the user. The other popular paid edition of Microsoft SQL Server is the Enterprise Edition. It is an upgraded version of the Standard Edition. It comes with added features and advantages and is ideally suited for large corporate.

SQL Crashes can occur in any version of the Ms SQL Server database application

While the paid versions of SQL Server are feature rich, they are hardly immune to SQL crashes. Irrespective of the SQL Server version you are running, you should always consider keeping a sql server recovery tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery close at hand. This powerful software application is primed to bring back every data element stored in the compromised SQL Server file with ease. Further it can tackle humongous files running up to a size of 16TB.

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