Getting the Best Out of Outlook Help

In this article we take a deeper look into the Outlook Help feature which includes an array of valuable information.

Getting the Best Out of Outlook Help

Chances are high that even an advanced Outlook user may get stuck at some point while working with this expansive email client. To serve such needs, the email client includes a formidable Help feature which contains a repository of knowledge about using the application. Just use the Help Feature and get the best possible answer to your query while working on MS Outlook. From changing the font to using signature, from working in folders to spell check, from printing an email to changing the password, from restoring deleted contacts to sharing calendars, from adding RSS Feeds to To Do Bar. No matter whatsoever your query in, Outlook Help Files have an answer to troubleshoot almost each and every question that might crop up in your mind when you work on MS Outlook. Read on to learn in depth about what all is there in Outlook Help and how to use it.

Now, if you really wish to know how to search for Outlook Help, then here we go. You just need to go to the Ribbon and then choose the Microsoft Outlook Help Option. You may even use the shortcut by pressing F1 to open the Help Window of MS Outlook. Once, this help window opens, you are free to type in your question in the Search Online Help Box followed by an Enter. After this, you will get to see a whole list of topics appearing on the screen. All you need then is to choose the topic that suits your query and then Outlook will display all the information regarding that chosen topic.

It is important to note that when the user is connected to the Internet MS Outlook Help will then get its content by default directly from the Online Office Database. However, you can at any moment of time change the settings as per your need. For this, you need to go to the Change Help Collection Option and go to the Outlook Help Heading and choose from a number of sources that will then get listed on the screen.

To make you better acquainted with Outlook Help, let us describe you some Help Buttons available in Outlook. There are help buttons like Back, Forward, Home, Print, Keep on Top or Not on Top and Change Font Size. All these help buttons are very easy to use and function as their names indicate. Apart from these help buttons, almost all the features do have a Help Button located at the upper right hand side of the screen. At any moment of time you can click on this Help Button to get help on that particular feature.

The best part about Outlook Help is that not only does it provides appropriate answers to all your queries but also provides you side by side with useful tips for efficient use of various Outlook’s features. Moreover, you will yourself see while working in Outlook, you will notice that a ScreenTip is shown for every command on the Ribbon when you point the cursor on any command. Using these ScreenTips, you can easily learn more about any particular button or command in Outlook.

If you are just getting familiar with Outlook, you may not know about PST errors

The Ms Outlook application stores its data in the PST format when it is used independent of an Exchange Server, which is true for most home users. If you are new to Outlook, you may not know the kind of havoc PST crashes can create. Put simply they have the potential to take away all your emails. To avoid such a scenario, one should always keep an Outlook recovery tool like the remarkable DataNumen Outlook Repair software installed in their machines. Not only can it recover all your data in quick time, the tool can also be used to perform housekeeping tasks on PST files, such as breaking a large file into parts etc.

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