Getting a Receipt from a Contact in Ms Outlook – A Primer

In this article we look at the option of getting a Read receipt from the recipient of an email sent via Outlook.

Outlook Receipt

No matter how important you might think your email is; what if it might never be read by the recipient? So, the best way out to ensure that all your important emails are read by the recipient, you must use the smart Read Receipt or Delivery Receipt Features of MS Outlook. Even the makers at Microsoft somehow felt the need of these features to ensure that the message is read by the recipient in case of emergency. Perhaps, this is the reason that these awesome features were added in the latter versions of MS Outlook like 2013. Reading this article, you will learn how to get a receipt from a contact in MS Outlook in the easiest steps.

The method to get a receipt from a particular contact in MS Outlook is very easy and for this you just need to going to the Options under the File Menu and select the option stating Request a Read Receipt for a particular email id. In order to check out the read receipt, you will first need to go to the Send Folder and open that message in which you requested a read receipt. After this, choose the Message Tab and search for the Show Group and pick the Tracking Option. Alternatively, if you really wish to show the importance of your sent email to the recipient, you can even Add a Flag by clicking on the Message Tab and choosing the Follow Up Option. Next you just simply need to choose the matching flag to highlight your email message for the recipient.

Another method to use the Read Receipt feature in Outlook is by using the Rule Feature. For this, you need to go to the Tools Tab and select Rules and Alerts Option followed by clicking on New Rule Option. You may then state the rule for your email messages in which you wish to get a Read Receipt. In different versions of Outlook, some variations might be noticed while making a rule to get a read receipt. Finally, click the Next Option to accept Notify Me When the Email is Read and make sure to click on Finish and Ok to save the changes and to close the current windows of MS Office.

It should be noted that by receiving a Return Receipt for your email message, you get a kind of acknowledgement that your message was displayed on the screen of the recipient but there is no guarantee whether the recipient actually opened it and read it or not; this can be ensured only if the recipient sends a reply in return. Apart from it, the recipient has the choice to either send you the request delivery or not to keep you in dark about whether the message reached him or her or not. You must also note that any third party applications working on your system that are not compatible with MS Outlook might prevent the read receipts from working as they should.

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