Getting Help while working in MS Outlook became all so easy

In Outlook 2016 the help feature get a big leg up

Getting Help while working in MS Outlook became all so easy

No matter wherever and whatever we do in life, there are times when we need and seek help. This can happen while working on MS Outlook too. Thankfully, getting help while working in MS Outlook has become so easy. Now, get the help that you want to be more efficient in the latest 2016 version of MS Outlook in a faster way. Whether you wish to get help about a feature or you wish to ask a query while stuck in the middle of something in Outlook, the new and advanced Help Feature will be at your doorstep to give you the best and the quickest solution for your problem. Read on to learn more about the Help Feature in MS Outlook 2016.

Up till now, the top solutions in the help feature you were provided while working in Outlook’s earlier versions were related to changing passwords, spell checks, sign in errors, restoring deleted emails, printing an email, font and signatures, attaching a file, cleaning the mailbox, sharing a file, adding a contact and much more. The good news is that now, there is more too especially in a very interesting and interactive way. Instead of the Help Question Mark Button, what you will see in a Light Bulb Icon directly on the Ribbon. Many of you might have already seen a similar light bulb icon in other online applications that usually signifies an idea or a query related solution for something.

Along with the Light Bulb, you will get to see a “Tell Me What You Want Field”. The moment you will mention something in this field, you will be displayed a list of matching commands from Outlook to help you solve your problem or query. For instance, if you mention how to add a reminder, then you will be displayed a list of commands to help you add a reminder in Outlook. You can simply move on by clicking on each command from the displayed results.

In earlier versions of Outlook like 2007, 2010 and 2013, you had three options to open the Help Menu. First by pressing F1; second by going to the Help Button from the Ribbon and third by going to the Help Menu from the Classic Menu. Typing “Get Help”, then the Help Links will also open in the usual Help Viewer. On the other hand, if the user chooses the new Help Link, a Smart Lookup Link will get opened in an Insights Pane to help you perform better while working in MS Outlook 2016.

To sum it up, we would like to state that apart from the Light Bulb Icon in Outlook 2016, you can also feel free to get help from the Microsoft Support Professionals regarding any query through emails, phone or even online. Moreover, there is Microsoft Answers too that is meant for a similar purpose to help you work efficiently and flawlessly in Outlook. So, you see there are options unlimited when it comes to ask for help in MS Outlook and the choice lies solely in your hands.

A New Outlook version does not mean your data is safe from PST crashes

The Outlook 2016 is definitely a class leading software. Yet it is far from perfect and PST errors can crop up in it too. Now irrespective of the Outlook edition you happen to use, installing an Outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair application in your Windows system can help you sail through an Outlook crash. Not only would the tool come handy in recovering compromised emails, it can easily be used to perform housekeeping tasks like breaking up a large PST file for segregating emails.

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