How to Get a Warning If Only Replying to the Email Sender without Other Recipients

At times, you didn’t notice that an email was originally sent to several recipients. So you simply click “Reply” to only reply to the sender. Actually you should click “Reply All” to reply to both the sender and all the recipients. This article will teach you how to get an auto warning when you mistakenly reply.

Many users must have ever encountered such a case: You receive an email but do not notice that the email is sent to several recipients, not only to you. Thus when replying it, you just click the “Reply” button in the ribbon, which will only reply to the email sender. However, in reality, it must be better for you to press “Reply All” button, which will reply to both the sender and all its original recipients.

It seems inevitable for most users to make such a mistake. Hence, you must hope that Outlook can warn you if you only reply to the email sender without its other recipients. However, Outlook has no such a native feature. You can use Outlook VBA to achieve it. Here are the detailed steps and VBA codes.

Get a Warning If Only Replying to the Email Sender without Other Recipients

  1. To start with, you should launch Outlook application.
  2. Then turn to “Developer” tab and click the “Visual Basic” button.
  3. In the popup window, you should double click on the “ThisOutlookSession” project on the left side.
  4. Subsequently, in the opened “ThisOutlookSession” project window, copy and paste the following codes.
Public WithEvents objExplorer As Outlook.Explorer
Public WithEvents objInspectors As Outlook.Inspectors
Public WithEvents objMail As Outlook.MailItem

Private Sub Application_Startup()
    Set objExplorer = Outlook.Application.ActiveExplorer
    Set objInspectors = Application.Inspectors
End Sub

Private Sub objExplorer_SelectionChange()
    On Error Resume Next
    Set objMail = objExplorer.Selection.Item(1)
End Sub

Private Sub objInspectors_NewInspector(ByVal Inspector As Inspector)
    If TypeOf Inspector.CurrentItem Is MailItem Then
       Set objMail = Inspector.CurrentItem
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub objMail_Reply(ByVal Response As Object, Cancel As Boolean)
    Dim strPrompt As String
    Dim nResponse As Integer
    Dim objReplyAllMail As MailItem
    'Check if there are several recipients in the selected email
    If objMail.Recipients.Count > 1 Then
       strPrompt = "This email was originally sent to more than one recipient." & vbCrLf & "Are you sure to only reply to the sender?"
       nResponse = MsgBox(strPrompt, vbYesNo + vbExclamation, "Confirm Reply")
       If nResponse = vbYes Then
          Cancel = False
          Cancel = True
          'Ask if to reply all
          strPrompt = "Do you want to reply all?"
          nResponse = MsgBox(strPrompt, vbYesNo + vbExclamation, "Confirm Reply All")
          If nResponse = vbYes Then
             Set objReplyAllMail = objMail.ReplyAll
          End If
       End If
    End If
End Sub

VBA Codes - Get a Warning If Only Replying to the Email Sender without Other Recipients

  1. After that, you ought to sign this code.
  2. Later you can close the VBA editor window and restart Outlook to enable the new macro.
  3. Finally you can have a try.
  • Firstly, you can select an email which was sent to several recipients and hit “Reply” button. Or open such an email and click “Reply” button.Reply to a Selected or Opened Email
  • Then you will receive a warning, like the following screenshot:Confirm Reply Warning
  • If you click “Yes”, the replying email to sender only will display directly. But If you select “No”, you will get another prompt:Prompt - Confirm Reply All
  • If you hit “Yes”, the email replying to both the sender and recipients will pop up. If you click “No”, the prompt will disappear. Nothing will happen.

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