Get Outlook to read out emails to you

It is possible for us to instruct the Outlook email client to read out an email which we have received.

Get Outlook to read out emails to you

A majority of us have a habit of reading out newspapers aloud and the same habit goes through while reading emails knowingly or unknowingly. Whether you agree or not, most of you might be reading the emails to yourselves while typing them, but doesn’t this method exhausts you especially when emailing is the core of your professional work? So, what is the solution? Well, thanks to MS Outlook for introducing a very useful feature that actually Reads Out Emails to you. Learn about this interesting feature that is there is Outlook which many users are still unaware of it.

First of all, let us acquaint you with the need of Read out Email Feature in Outlook. Not only will the feature of Read out Email in MS Outlook save your energy and time but will also help you type the correct words in your emails. So, in other words, this amazing feature is a must to know and use while typing email messages. It has been observed that while we say something else, we write something else that too incorrectly while typing an email message; this is where this new feature of Outlook will help you out. Although, half of the problem of spelling mistakes in Outlook has been solved by its AutoText Feature, Read out Feature is of equal importance.

It is important to bear in mind that at present Windows offers this fascinating feature of Read out Emails in its Outlook 2010 and 2013 versions only. In order to use it, you first need to Compose a New Email Message. After this, you will be required to do a Right Click on any blank space on the Ribbon. Once, you do this, just click on the Customize Quick Access Tool Bar. Your next step would be to select the Commands not in Ribbon from the Drop Down Menu. Then, simply scroll down and choose the option to Speak and press on Add Option followed by Ok. The moment you complete this whole procedure, you will see that Outlook will display a new button on your Quick Access Tool Bar in the form of a dialog button.

Now, if you are wondering how to use this New Dialog Button, then for this, you will need to compose a New Email and then type in some text. After this, just mark the text that you wish to read out to yourself. Once you click on the New Dialog Button, Outlook will start reading out the email to you. Isn’t simple? Once you are satisfied with what you have heard and you want to add it to your Inbox, then you just need to select the Speak Selected Button to your email Inbox. This way, you can read emails right in your Reading Pane.

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