Get Outlook to CC all Emails to a Specific Email ID

At times it may become necessaryTo-Cc-Bcc-In-Email for you to mark a copy of all your emails to a specific email. Such a requirement may arise when you are running a marketing campaign and wish to keep a record of all emails sent or are engaging in an outreach program that is aimed at receiving feedback. Also you may experience the need to copy your boss in case of an event invite that you are extending out. In Outlook it is quite possible to mark a cc to a specific ID for all the emails that you send out. Let’s look at how it can be achieved.


Copying all the Emails you send to a Specific ID

  1. Open the Ms Outlook application and visit the Tools option
  2. Under Tools please click on Rules and Alerts
  3. Click on New Rule.
  4. In the next Rules Wizard screen you need select the Start from a Blank rule
  5. Next you need choose “Apply this rule after I send the message” in the rule description box
  6. In the next screen choose the option “through the specified account”
  7. Next click on Specified hyperlink appearing in description box in the bottom of the pane
  8. A pop up screen will come up and from the drop down list select the relevant email account
  9. In the next screen choose the option which mentions to cc the message a specific set of people or a distribution list
  10. Click the related hyperlink appearing in the description field
  11. In subsequent Rule Address screen that shows up, select the email ID to which you wish to copy all the emails to.
  12. Follow the onscreen instructions to save the rule

Once the rule has been enforced, all emails that you send out would invariably be copied to the specified email. Interestingly if you wish you can cc the emails to a whole group of people too by first creating a distribution list and including the same in the rule.


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