Gadgets Basics for Business Contact Manager in Outlook

When you look at some businessof the most potent additions that have been made to the Outlook email client in recent years, the Business Contact Manager for Outlook seems to take the cake. It essentially is a mini CRM tool that drastically increases the usability of the Outlook email client for professionals and small business owners. Now if you thought that viewing the data present in the BCM feature can only be done through reports then you are not really familiar with gadgets. Let’s explore them and understand how they can be used for your benefit.


Gadget Basics – Key Facts

There is an old saying that a picture is equivalent to a thousand words. The concept behind gadgets is based on the fact that a pictorial representation can quickly showcase important data to a viewer without him having to make an effort to understand the underlying data. The BCM tool comes loaded with gadgets that can be used to view concise summaries of your business data stored in the application. For example you can have a gadget showcasing the sales pipeline with the help of charts which can help you know in an instant how your marketing efforts are delivering.

Gadgets can be created for nearly every record set in BCM. For example you can have a gadget to look at projects that are due in next seven days while there can be a gadget that lists all the projects tasks. You can place all the necessary top level information views with the help of gadgets and view them all together from the dashboard.


How to Add a Gadget to your Dashboard

If you are starting with the Business Contact Manager in Outlook, you should first begin by adding the relevant gadgets onto the Dashboard. To do so, perform the tasks listed below

  1. Launch the Outlook email client and then head to the Navigation section
  2. Next click on the Business Contact Manager and in the relevant screen go to the Ribbon interface
  3. Now under the Home option you need to head to the Add Gadgets section
  4. Depending upon your requirement click on the subject you wish the Gadget to belong to, example say Sales or Marketing
  5. Select the Gadget you wish to display and save the settings

The selected gadget would now directly appear on your dashboard.


Protecting your precious Business Contact Manager records during an Outlook Crash

In the unfortunate event of an Outlook crash, which incidentally is quite common, the data stored in your Business Contact Manager can go for a toss and cause you abundant grief. In such trying times, only a versatile pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair can help you get back into the game. In can recover the contents of your BCM feature including all lead details and other record types with ease. Moreover even if your PST files are located on a network drive or are residing on a crashed virtual machine drive, the potent recovery tool can extract their contents without creating a fuss.


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