How to Forbid Recipients to Forward the Email in Outlook

At times, when composing and sending a confidential email, you may hope that the recipients don’t forward it to the others. This article will tell you how to forbid recipients to forward simply by disabling “Forward” button.

One day I noticed that the emails from my superior, which contains confidential information, always cannot be forwarded by default. Originally I couldn’t figure out why. And I’d like to send this kind of emails as well. After some research, I also get this technique. Here are the elaborate steps.

Forbid Recipients to Forward the Email

  1. To start with, you should launch Outlook application.
  2. In Outlook main window, you should switch to “Developer” tab. If you cannot find “Developer” tab, you can head to “File” > “Options” > “Customize Ribbon” to enable “Developer” tab.
  3. Then in the “Developer” ribbon, click “Design a Form” button.Design a Form
  4. In the popup dialog box, you should choose “Message” from the form list and click “Open” button.Select Message Form
  5. Next in the new interface of “Untitled – Message (HTML) (Design)”, move to “(Actions)” tab.Move to Actions Tab
  6. Under this tab, you need to locate “Forward” action and double click it.
  7. A new dialog box of “Form Action Properties” will turn up. You could find “Enable” option. Please deselect it.Disable Forward Action
  8. Click “OK” to close the dialog box.
  9. After backing to the “Untitled – Message (HTML) (Design)” window, switch to “(Properties)” tab, under which you enable “Send form definition with item” option. You may receive a prompt message, but just click “OK”.Send form definition with item
  10. Later in the “Form” ribbon, choose “Publish” > “Publish Form As”. In the new dialog, specify a name for the form, such as “No Forward” and then press “Publish” button.Publish No Forward Form
  11. After that, close the current “Untitled – Message (HTML) (Design)” window without saving the changes.
  12. Now let’s try to apply this form.
  • Click “Choose Form” button under “Developer” tab.
  • In the “Choose Form” window, set “Look In” to “Personal Forms Library”.
  • Then from the form list, double click “No Forward” to open this form.
  • Next in the new message window, compose the message as usual and send it out.
  • From the perspective of recipients, when they double click to open the received email, they will find that “Forward” button is grayed out.“Forward” button is grayed out

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