For a Small Business or team, Ms Outlook can be effectively used for task management

In this article we explore certain ideas that highlight the usability of Ms Outlook in managing tasks in a small group or in a small business setup.

For a Small business or team, Ms Outlook can be used for task management

In any small business setup managing tasks between employees can be a challenge in absence of a proper project management tool. If you are running a small business with few employees and use Outlook for accessing your business email, there is a possibility that you can use the tool for task management. Let’s explore some ideas in this regard.

Start with yourself – create a list of Tasks and view the same in Timeline

At the very outset you need to create a list of tasks that are you are working on or are planning to take up. This can include deliverables, initiatives etc that your team would be pursuing in near future. Once you have created all these tasks, check them out in Task timeline view which would allow you to keep abreast of all tasks your team needs to perform.

Use Outlook to delegate tasks to your colleagues

In Outlook it is possible to delegate tasks to your colleagues. Simply select the task you wish to delegate and click on Assign Task button. In the new window that shows up, select your colleagues’ email id from the To field, place the Due date and hit on the send button. Before sending, make sure you check the option “Send me a status report when this task is complete”. This would allow you observe which tasks have been completed by your colleagues and which set of tasks are pending.

Share Calendars in Outlook to ensure everyone in the team is aligned on key events and deliverables

Update your calendar in Outlook to serve as the team calendar and share it with all other members of your team. Make sure that you and others plot important events and deliverables dates in it for easy perusal. It is important to note that Outlook does not allow you to share additional calendars that you may create with others. The calendar that you can share would be your default calendar. Ideally if you wish to create a calendar only for yourself, create an additional calendar while you share your default calendar with your team. To create an Additional calendar you would have to create a New Folder within the Calendar folder and rename the folder with the name you wish to give to your new calendar, say Private Calendar.

Contact and task data too are vulnerable in the event of a PST crash

A PST crash in Outlook is not at all limited to emails. In fact it can encompass every single data element that you may have stored in the email client ranging from contact entries to tasks. In case you do encounter a crash, immediately run a powerful PST recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair application to get back all your data. This sophisticated application can extract an array of data stored in Outlook including embedded files and HTML emails. Moreover it does not falter in recovering contents from a compromised PST file which has grown into several gigabytes in size.

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