Flexible Use of Auto-Reply in Outlook

Sometimes, we may be away from our computers so that we cannot reply the emails on time. Thus it is time to activate the function of auto-reply in Outlook.

Although computer has become an essential component of our daily life, it is impossible for us to stay next to computer forever. For example, you won’t travel with a heavy computer. However, when you are travelling outside, others may send emails to you. I believe, when you lose a business due to miss of an email, you will regret it.

Auto-reply Emails

In this situation, auto-reply will help you a lot. If you’ve set an auto-reply in Outlook, people would receive a reply as soon as they sent an email to you. In the auto-reply, you can write that “I am sorry about that I couldn’t deal with the email at once, but I will contact with you after returning”. In this way, the sender will get the message and wait for your contact.

Now let’s explore how to set an auto-reply in Outlook.

At first, we need to create an Outlook Template of auto-reply. Try to create a new email. And write your auto-reply. Then in “File” page, click “Save As”. Next in the popup dialog, you could name it as you prefer and then save it in type of “Outlook Template”. Finally save the outlook template.

Secondly, we would be required to create a new rule to activate the auto-reply. In the “Home” page, select “Manage Rules & Alerts” under “Rules” option. And click “New Rules” button. Then in the window of “Rule Wizard”, you should pitch on “Apply rule on messages I receive”, click “Next>” and select “sent only to me”. In “Step 1”, you should tick “reply using a specific template”. In “Step 2”, you need to click the “specific template” in blue. Next in the popup dialog, you should choose “User Templates in File System” and use “Browse” to find out your auto-reply template. Later you can just finish the rules easily according to the steps.

Once you have finished all operations, people who send emails to you will receive your auto-reply successfully.

As an email client mainly, Outlook has met the prime requirements of both individuals and organizations. Meanwhile, its additional functions also bring many surprises to us. As we all know, all the emails, notes, contacts in Outlook exist in PST files. Unfortunately, PST files may get corrupted due to problems in hardware, virus infection, version upgrade, etc. Face with the situation, you’d better use third-party software, such as DataNumen Outlook repair. It is much faster than any other repair tools. And it can minimize the corruption and loss of data. You can have a try when you need to repair PST files.

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