Fixing PST File Errors and Repairing Corrupted Ones

If your MS Outlook is often showing images“Not Responding” message, you have a very good reason to worry. This is particularly so where some other applications installed in your computer are just working well. The cause for alarm in this scenario is the great importance attached to PST files. This is more so if you have a lot of important information that you’ve stored in your emails.

MS Outlook automatically moves email messages and attachments to the locally stored Outlook files. Damage or loss of the Outlook files results in the loss of all the information stored therein. The “Not Responding” error message should therefore be treated with the gravity it deserves. The root cause must be established and necessary fixes performed.

First, you need to check whether your entire system has no errors and that there isn’t any spyware eating things up. You can do this by running a complete computer scan using an up-to-date antivirus. If the antivirus also sports a registry cleaner, you can proceed to clean the registry to get rid of any unimportant traces.

Once that has been completed successfully, use the in-built PST files repairer, Scanpst.exe, to see if there are any errors. Just like its name, Scanpst.exe scans through the PST files and reports all the errors then gives you an option to repair. This scan checks if there are any inconsistencies in the PST files’ internal references and if the structure is intact. And where there are errors, Scanpst.exe can try to fix them after you’ve instructed it to do so.


Fixing Errors Using Independent Developer Tools

Like has been mentioned, getting an error or “Not Responding” messages during the use or scan of PST files should raise enough concern to trigger you into action – repairing the files. The in-built Scanpst.exe tool is frequently reported as failing to offer universal solution to PST file errors. As a result, many users are compelled to fix the errors using some other PST repair tools that have been developed by external programmers.

There are a couple of such Outlook recovery tools with each one detailing its solutions on its web page. This is great! But are all these details verifiable? Are they all genuine and equally effective? Such doubts toss users into a quagmire, often making them spend several dollars, running into thousands, on specific technicians. What’s not known to them is that most of these so called technicians just have knowledge of the right tools to use in order to satisfactorily repair or recover PST files.

DataNumen has been a source of relief to many. It has been used by both experts and novices to excellently repair PST files. It has also been fronted by many reviews as the most elaborate MS Outlook recovery solution that grants users awesome options, making it the market choice.


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